The Big Move

I chose to begin this blog at a very pivotal time in my life, I just recently moved from Florida to North Carolina and let me tell you it is a BIG change. Going from muggy hotness to perfect summer weather, I am NOT complaining! It is gorgeous here and I am glad I made the move. But, I am in the midst of schooling,  currently I am not enrolled in school up here and in Florida I had only just completed one semester at the University of Central Florida. I don’t mean to bore with my life story, but honestly this doesn’t even come close. I HATED UCF, completely hated it. It doesn’t help that I have already had a “big girl” job now for over a year, I know how the business world is, but the school is horrendous. It is over-populated and completely inadequate to meet my personal requirements. I wouldn’t say I have high standards, but they are a lot higher than what UCF has to offer.

So, I made the choice. With my resume finally up to par, and with only having my AA degree (not bad) if I do say so myself, I packed up my belongings….well mine and my boyfriend’s belongings -but more on him later- and moved to North Carolina. Leaving all of the drama and heat behind us, we made the steps together and honestly we have never been happier. Even though this move is a big step, and having to leave our two dogs behind with my parents until we finally get a place of our own 😦 we are conquering it one step at a time! While he is still unemployed, I am playing the role of suga momma. I am sure that I could continue typing for hours, but for now I think this is a good enough start to hopefully what will be my sanity through all of these big changes! Until next time.

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