Settled In

Finally we are all settled in to our new house! Not only moving weekend did we get everything set up, but my parents drove up a week early with our dogs to surprise us! Also filling our fridge and pantry completely stocked with food. I don’t think anyone ever really truly appreciate’s there parents as much as they should. I remember the years where I was always right and they were wrong. I am still young granted, but even looking back I see now that everything I thought my parents were doing back then, just benefited me and makes sense to me now. If they didn’t raise me this way, then I wouldn’t be how I am today. Since moving up here, so far from what I am used to, I have not felt homesick…I haven’t had any desire to even go back. Which is odd to me, because of course I miss my family more than anything, and a few close friends, but I have the only person I truly need with me…and since we got the girls (dogs) back, I have felt complete. The truth of the matter is that he and our dogs are my family, they are what makes me feel at home.  It’s a funny thing, feeling completely at home somewhere even though your closest friends and family are miles away…but I guess the phrase “home is where the heart is” is a completely true statement and my heart is definitely here in North Carolina.

Whiskey and Leia! My beautiful babies!
Whiskey and Leia! My beautiful babies!

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