DIY “Sharpie” Mugs

At this point my love for all things Pinterest really isn’t a secret, so of course now that the holidays are officially OVER *breathes a huge sigh of relief* I can now post the tutorials for the presents I made for my parents!

The sharpie mugs have been a HUGE thing on Pinterest, and I have read through my fair share of people who have tried these, so I got pretty lucky, I learned from these people’s experiences exactly what NOT to do. So not only did my method not wash off from hand-washing, but it also surpassed the dishwasher test! Mind you, I did a lot of reading beforehand and actually wasn’t looking for the product I ended up getting while at Michael’s!

Through other people’s experiences I learned these little quick facts:

  1. Water based sharpies will definitely wash right off and not last, these are your every run in the day sharpies that you can find anywhere.
  2. Oil based sharpies will eventually rub off and can ONLY be hand washed, these are not dish washer safe as some people will claim, EVEN after baking. This is actually what I went to Michael’s for, then when I couldn’t find them chose to go another route.

So as I started meandering around Michael’s I came across the Martha Stewart section, good ol’ Martha just has a solution for everything! Granted the product I bought was not a Martha brand product -I still browsed her products for at least 30 minutes- it was right next to all of her glassware painting products. After I then researched the product reviews online, and found that another blogger suggested the product after her Sharpie attempts, I chose to go with DecoArt Glass Paint Markers. It seemed to be my best bet to get a lasting effect for the decorating I wanted to do, I didn’t exactly want to attach little tags explaining the washing methods for the mugs!

What is awesome about these DecoArt Markers is that they had the exact instructions on how to use them the correct way on the packaging! What’s NOT so awesome is that they aren’t exactly cheap and come only separately at about $6.99 a piece! I had coupons upon coupons with me and bought about 6 of them, plus stickers and a few misc items, all coming in under about $30, not too shabby 😉

When it came to decorating the mugs, I chose to go with the dotted mug idea as seen here. Oh btw, I also bought dollar store mugs to save some extra mula.


  • DecoArt Glass Paint Markers (Michael’s – $6.99 each, colors of your choice)
  • Windex (free, already had at home)
  • Stickers (Michael’s – $2.99 for a large sheet of letters)
  • Oven
  • Baking Sheet
  • Coffee Mugs (Dollar Tree – $3.00 and some change)














  1. Start by cleaning off your mugs completely with the Windex, we want to start with a clean surface.
    1. You can opt to clean the mugs in hot soapy water as well, I chose the Windex because I didn’t trust that all the soap residue would come completely off.
  2. With a clean surface, add your sticker and begin making your tasteful little marker dots!20141213_132343_resized
  3. Once you have finished you can peel the sticker off of the mug, take a minute to admire your artwork!20141213_133207_resized_1
  4. You want to let your mugs air cure for about 8 hours.
  5. After approximately eight hours, set your oven to 375 F and bake your glassware for 40 minutes.20141213_224940_resized

Make sure to follow the directions on the DecoArt Marker packaging exactly and it will turn out how you want it to be, which is dishwasher safe! All of the directions I listed above is basically what comes on the back of the packaging for the markers. Follow those instructions completely and you will have outstanding results!

Of course I had to make a mug for myself 20141213_134805_resizedas well after my parents’ turned out so awesomely 🙂 

*On a few side notes, while this product is completely water proof and dish washer safe, it is however NOT recommended that it be mixed with food. So I would keep these decorations strictly on the outside of a product and if you want to use it on plates it is highly encouraged they stay purely decorative.*

Here are some of the sites where I gathered the inspiration for this project!

Get crafty ya’ll!

20141213_134754_resizedxoxo, Bee

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