DIY Glass Stained Bottles

So as you all know, I am engaged to my best friend and have been doing all kinds of DIY projects to cut back on decor costs for our outdoor wedding. From the burlap banner, to oh so many more to come, including these stained glass bottles that I am using for our centerpieces! Below are my inspirations (per Pinterest of course!) to go ahead with this idea:

centerpiece 1 centerpiece 2

centerpiece 3

As you can see it’s a very simple centerpiece idea, and babies breath is actually going to be my main flower throughout the wedding with a few other kinds in there to offset them a bit. Well I wanted to be different from the whole mason jar theme, have some bolder statements but didn’t want to spend the money on huge jars…so my solution literally was staring me right in the face.

So behold, the boys’ liquor bottle collection!


Yes, this makes us seem like huge alcoholics, but this is over a years damage and having countless friends and family members visiting, and right now I’m encouraging them to keep sipping the bottles back so I can have an even amount of bottles for the centerpieces! Basically they are more than happy to help at this point!

For the most part you can just buy mason jars, either in clear, blue, or green and in some cases I’ve seen brown as well. But those aren’t our wedding colors, ours are a petal pink and grey for the most part, maybe add some brown in there but other than that I can’t exactly go out and buy those colors to begin with. So I took to Pinterest to find the best methods to stain these bottles the way I wanted, and honestly I think they came out awesome thus far!



I haven’t added the lace and burlap designs yet to the bottles, I want to make sure each color turns out the way I want them to first and get a mock up centerpiece design done completely before I go ahead and start staining the rest.

Wanna make some of your own? It’s soooo easy to do! Here is the method I went with!


  • Glass bottles/jars (free, had them laying around the house)
  • Acetone (free, had on hand at home…get it?! ON HAND!)
    • in other words nail polish remover
  • Pebeo Vitrail glass stain colors (Michael’s – $6.99 each)
    • The colors shown on mine are “Old Pink” and I also have “Mercury”
  • Pebeo Vitrail lightening Medium (Michael’s – $6.99)
  • Sponge brushes (Michael’s – $3.99 for a 3 pack)



  1. Start by completing cleaning off your jar/bottle of all dirt and labels to get a clean surface.
    1. If you are re-using some at home jars or bottles they will more than likely have labels, that is where the nail polish remover comes in. Obviously we don’t want that glue residue. Pour some remover on the label and begin to peel off. I found that part to be tedious, but well worth it.

      Bye bye glue, no one likes you!
    2. Use soaked cotton pads to really scrub the surface clean of that glue.

      Perfect! Naked bottle!
      Perfect! Naked bottle!
  2. Now to the fun part! But make sure to cover your work area, we don’t need that paint getting everywhere! I chose wax paper, so easy to wipe of the mess if need be. It’s just a very reliable source.
  3. So this is the step where you can pick and choose by your own preferences, but in all honesty it is really hard because your only option really is to just GUESS. You will be mixing your chosen color with the lightening medium, so as to get that see-through glass look. You can opt out of the thinner if you want the true color, but in my case, the lighter the better.
    Before added lightening medium
    1. On a side note, I was nervous it would stain my actual bowls so I used a paper disposable bowl as a precaution and began my experimental mixing!
      Up close of the thinner
      Up close of the thinner (my camera really doesn’t like to focus)

      Stirring in the thinner
      Stirring in the thinner
    2. Just keep in mind that there is really NO wrong way to do the mixing, you just have to kinda go with your gut. For instance I started with about half and half of each, and ended up adding a fair amount more of the thinner, since I really want them as light as possible.
  4. Lastly, you paint over the outside of your glass! You will then see for yourself that it goes on very light and it’s really hard to get a grasp on how it will dry.
    1. I would suggest against paint brushes because of the streaks it will leave, and this substance is very sticky so if any bristles got loose onto the glass, it would be horrendous to remove.
    2. The sponges leave no streaks and leave a more consistent tone to the entire bottle.
  5. And finally let your work of art air dry for at least 8 hours!
    1. This instruction is also on the back of your colors, make sure you read the instructions carefully as some can be put in the oven, whereas this product CANNOT!
    2. I let mine air dry over night and was more than pleased with the results shown, the glass I thought would lose its smoothness but it stayed the same texture as normal glass!20141102_083210_resized


*On a side note, this product is completely water proof, but highly flammable. I would not recommend using this product if you plan on putting candles inside. There are many alternative ways to do this project which I will list below! This project is pretty easy, just make sure that whatever products you do use to read the instructions thoroughly!*

Tip: DO NOT wash your sponges/brushes with bare hands, my hands stuck together for two days after washing them out. I recommend using rubber gloves, because that stuff is HARD to get off skin.

Here are the alternate ways:

Hope ya’ll enjoy! I’ll post an update once the centerpieces are officially designed!

xoxo, Bee



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