Crayon Art!

For awhile there, the ideas of Crayon Art were just booming and as a tribute to it being Thursday I will do a #tbt post! Also because I am STILL in the midst of finishing my post on what has been happening in the past few months of my absence, I figured “hey why not give everyone a little insight in the mean time.” So from what I remember doing this (I did this while we still lived in Florida), it was a LONG process. I know if I tried again it would come out much nicer this time around because I did make a few mistakes, even though the outcome was actually pretty cool, but unfortunately the two I did don’t really match the decor now in the rest of the house.

So I did two sets, the first one I did no designs but instead of doing the rainbow I wanted it to look more like a forest, so I used all of the green and brown crayons to get that vibe. Bear in mind that all of my pictures I seem to take DO NOT turn out as awesomely as I would like. On a side note: That is a HUGE change I am trying to accomplish in this blog for the future.  So below is the process and the materials you need are as follows:

  • Canvas (any size)
  • Crayons (old or new)
    • I chose to use up some old crayons laying around the house that were never used
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hot glue gun

First step is to hot glue the crayons to the top of the canvas, or get creative and do a little more crafty way like this.


*I strongly recommend peeling off the crayon wrappings for a cleaner look*

*Also make sure to lay newspaper underneath, VERY MESSY*

*Keep the canvas at an angle otherwise the color will not drip downwards*

Next, start heating the top and lengths of the crayons. This may take a while, and I have a hunch that with the wrappings off you have a shorter time to be heating.


*Once you get the first drips you can move the dryer at different angles to get the colors to blend together*

*You can also control the drips and push them in different directions*

*My hair dryer has also seen better days, I actually have a much better one now that I want to try this out again*

Lastly you will have your finished results! Like I said, this was my first one so I just wanted to get the hang of it before adding any nice designs.

Then, of course below is the start of the canvas I did afterwards with the actual design. (Same process as above) I chose blues and grays for this one to have the appearance of rain.


*Make sure before you start with the hair dryer to cover up your drawing with a piece of paper, tape down the edges to keep the wax from dripping into it*

*I also used a glue stick to put the drawing on, since I drew it on a separate piece of copy paper*


Above is my ending result! I recently just colored in the entire silhouette in black sharpie, it was originally red but no longer matched the decor in our living room, so I just vamped it up a bit!

*I wish I would have used more blues, the blacks and grays overshadow the blues I do have*

Hope that this is helpful and an awesome #tbt post for everyone! Let me know how yours turns out!!

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