The Top 10 Hacks to Being More Productive In Your Day

Blog Post 10.22.15

I don’t know about you, but there are some days where I just feel like I NEVER get anything accomplished in my day! Other’s I get all jittery and just jump right into my to-do list and feel like I can conquer everything on my list! Well what makes these days so different from one another? How can you be more productive in your every day life? I’ve compile this nifty list to answer these questions!

  1. Evaluate you priorities. This is very important to staying productive, take about 10 minutes or so to list out your to-do list and examine who or what is important to you on that list. Keep your list on hand so you can view it frequently and stay on track, always make sure the big things come FIRST. The amount of time you spend on something should be relative to how important it is in your life. Life is short and every second is precious, don’t waste your time on the little things that don’t matter.
  2. Set a timer or time frames and stick to them. Setting a time frame can be the best way to keep yourself motivated as well as productive. For instance, I know that my workouts take up thirty minutes of my day so I always start them at 3:30 in the afternoon knowing I’ll be finished by 4:00 pm. Plan out your time and stick to it! Limiting your time on seemingly endless tasks like emails and Facebook helps a lot too. When you tell yourself that you only have a set amount a time to accomplish a task, it is a better motivator to get it done and not to procrastinate!
  3. Set concrete goals and write them down. When you sit and actually write out clear and specific goals, it is more beneficial to staying on track to reach those goals in a more timely fashion. Set long-term and short-term goals, then break down those goals into manageable day-to-day tasks. All goals that you set for yourself should also have an end date! I have a chart I utilize with my goals on paper and have them posted in our bedroom, so I am reminded each day of what my ultimate goal is that I am trying to achieve.
  4. Use daily checklists. For some reason I just LOVE the feeling of crossing off an item on my to-do list. A daily to-do list keeps you focused in spite of all of your daily distractions. Do not go overboard with your to-do list though, make sure that you can actually be accountable to complete everything on your daily list. I found a little notepad at Staples that I’ve found to be really useful! Blog Post Photo 10.22.15
  5. Wake up early. This will be everyone’s LEAST favorite item on this hacks list, because I can definitely say  that I was never a morning person! But it’s gotten to the point now where I really physically have no idea how to sleep in! Even on the weekends we still wake up automatically around 7 am, granted sometimes we’ll force ourselves to go back to sleep, but we’re still up and doing something by 8 am. Look at it this way, just consider how much your life could change a year from now if you just wake up thirty minutes earlier? You can use that extra thirty minutes working towards your most important long-term goals. Every study that I have ever read confirms that you are more productive in first thing in the morning, use that peace and quiet to complete your most important tasks and you will never regret missing that extra sleep.
  6. Turn off electronics. This might seem to be an obvious item that goes hand-in-hand with maintaining the ultimate productivity levels. Now, I set a time frame and organize my social media posts to be automatically posted using Hoot Suite so I don’t get distracted trolling through my newsfeed on a daily basis. Some businesses require social media interaction, which is completely FINE! But in order to continue on with your daily list, you need to cut out your distractions. Utilize apps like Hoot Suite and set up your posts as a part of your items on your to-do-list, then once that is set get off your phone! When you’re writing your blog posts, or emails, or papers for school, do NOT play a bunch of Netflix shows in the background. You cannot do your best work when you are accidentally typing out an episode of Archer…trust me, that does NOT make for a good thesis paper when you type out “LAAANNNNNAAAA.” It might make for a good laugh with your professor, but only for five minutes before you fail completely.
  7. Make it interesting/fun. This one might sound weird, but it really works for me when it comes to doing something that I completely dread doing. Laundry for instance is my nemesis, I absolutely LOATHE folding laundry, so to get me through it I’ll try making it into a game. I usually will set a timer for myself to make it a challenge, with each week the time gets shorter and shorter. It absolutely sucks if I go over my time limit since I feel like I’ve lost at my own game. I also use a points system for socks, I’ll match the socks and try to toss them into the drawer. For everyone I make I get a point, and for every one I miss I lose a point. Call me a dork, but hey at least it gets done this way!
  8. Change your mood. Your mood completely reflects the outcome of your day. Some days it’s understandable not to be in the best mood possible, but once you change your attitude your entire day can be turned around! Be optimistic and think highly of yourself and be happy! Your productivity is heightened exponentially when you have the ability to change your outlook. You are more likely to accomplish your goals more quickly, than if you view everything with a negative attitude! I utilize personal development (audio books/YouTube/books) to help me stay positive and stay focused to achieve my goals!
  9. Do not half-ass multiple things, whole ass one thing. Multi-tasking might sound like a good idea, but the reality of it is that it’s not at all. Focus your time and energy on one thing at a time, it makes for a better outcome with what you are working on. When you accomplish one thing from start to finish, you are reaped with a better reward of self-accomplishment and are more inclined to move onto the next item with a better attitude. On top of that, you are less likely to make mistakes when you focus on one thing at a time instead of four. You will be more satisfied completing one item at a time and doing it correctly!
  10. Take a break! You cannot be expected to work productively constantly if you burnout and don’t take a break for yourself just to breathe. Taking a quick 3-5 minute break every 90 minutes or so is sure to help your brain refocus. Stand up, stretch, go get some water, a breath of fresh air. then sit back down and get back into it. Do not force yourself to power through an entire day of work without taking a few minutes to yourself to regroup! You will find that you are much more productive and on task when you sit back down after that break.

So go and make your days more productive! Stay positive and remember to breathe, we all have A LOT to get done in day!

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The Top 8 Most Annoying Questions You Get Asked As Newlyweds

Top 8

So hubby and I have been married for 99 days as of today! Put into day terms, that’s a lot longer than some celebrity marriages! In my book that means we’re off to a great start! As all newlyweds can agree, you can get some really annoying questions after you’re married. So as a kind of warning to all of the happy couples out there, you WILL get asked these questions, and it will get more and more annoying the more the days pass. I wish I could tell you when these questions finally end…but we’re clearly not at that point yet, but don’t worry I’ll make sure to follow-up when I know!

  1. “So how is married life? Does it feel any different?”
    1. It’s great I guess? In all honesty it feels no different, but we have been building a life together for the past 4 years….I mean I don’t want to kill him yet, so I guess that’s good? I mean honestly do you really care?
  2. “When do you plan on having kids?”
    1. We JUST got married, children are terrifying and stinky. I like having a clean house, clean sticky-free walls and a full 8 hours of sleep every night. I think we’re good right now. Besides, I have my pups and they’re much easier to handle than a child would be.
  3. “Are you sad that it’s all over and there’s nothing to look forward to now?”
    1. Well aren’t you a bundle of joy! Do you really think there is nothing else to look forward to in life now that we’re married?! I couldn’t be happier that the wedding is OVER with, that was too much planning, too much stress, and while it turned out beautifully I am so THANKFUL that it is done with. The amazing thing right now is that we don’t have to make plans, it’s AWESOME. We’re relaxing, enjoying each other’s company, there’s plenty to look forward to, and all of it is much less stressful!
  4. “Are you excited you can gain weight now?”
    1. What is wrong with you people? Is marriage really viewed as an excuse to NOT take care of yourself?! If I don’t feel attractive within myself how could I ever feel like my husband finds me attractive? So the quick answer to that is, NO! I am not letting myself go just because I’m married, if anything I’m going to drag him along with me to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Marriage is not an excuse to gain weight and become unhealthy. Plain and simple.
  5. “I could never get married at your age” 
    1. This one is more of a statement than a question, but a statement that nevertheless I don’t rightly care to hear. Of course you could never get married at my age, you’ve been single since I’ve known you! That’s great that you feel that way, good for you, but that’s YOUR life. Not mine. So please, keep the comments to yourself.
  6. “Don’t you want to travel?” 
    1. Actually we do, thanks for asking! Does everyone just think that once your married you can’t go anywhere? That you’re just going to sit at home for the rest of your life? It is POSSIBLE to travel with someone else…not just by yourself. Most people travel with their best friends…well jokes on you, I get to travel with the ultimate best friend..oh and with benefits for the rest of my life!
  7. “Does it suck you won’t have any time to yourself?” 
    1. I have more time to myself than I know what to do with. I mean we do have jobs, and his hours are the complete opposite of mine. If you add together all the hours that I have to myself it equals to about a days worth of so-called “alone” time, and no I do not wish I had more of it. Call me crazy but I enjoy spending time with my husband.
  8. “Does it get annoying that you have to share EVERYTHING now?” 
    1. I didn’t know sharing a last name meant that we were all of sudden required to share EVERYTHING. It’s not like we’re one massive blob of a person, we are still each our own person. It’s a complete misconception that everything is shared, but hey if I’m not too hungry at dinner I have my reliable hubs to go halfsies on a meal with me…you don’t see restaurants having special priced meals for “one” now do you?

So please I’m begging you, if you have any friends or family members about to tie the knot…DO NOT ask these questions, but regardless of what I say the questions will still be asked, the rude statements still be made. But at least now you get to sit at home watching Netflix reruns with your spouse, laughing and joking at all of the stupid things everyone else says. Jokes on all of them, because you’re both awesome.

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The Top 10 Hacks to Staying Stress-Free Before Your Wedding Day

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Every bride-to-be is just LOADED with unintentional stress, it just bogs us all down and you feel overwhelmed over every single little detail when it comes to your big day. I mean who wouldn’t be!? We only dream of this day as little girls, being told nonsense stories about our Prince Charming….and I say this out of complete love for my husband. But real life Prince Charming…he IS NOT, but he is perfect for me…but he definitely doesn’t break into song about is never-ending love for me. JUST saying.

When it comes to weddings, especially my own – which was a complete DIY for the most part – it can get really stressful but I somehow managed to get through my catastrophes just as all brides do/will! So here are my 10 hacks, that personally got me through all the stress of wedding planning!

  1. Exercise: I cannot stress this one enough! Most brides out there already want to lose the pounds to look great in their dresses, and honestly it will be your saving grace. It’s pure bliss to look forward to going to the gym after work, to just have an hour or so with no obligations to your phone. That can all wait, this is YOU time. Your own personal haven to let go of the stress caused by work, wedding planning, life…it all just flits away for an hour and will leave you feeling much more at ease to take on the remainder of your night.
  2. Drink Water: This might sound like a super pointless hack but it’s really not, I turned to water ONLY for the 9 months prior to the wedding. The average person should be drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, when figured out that’s 4 water bottles a day. You will not believe how much better you feel once you cut out carbonated and sugary drinks. Not only does it make your exercise easier and more efficient, but you’ll feel more energetic to take on your day. Even post wedding I have continued this regimen, I drink roughly 7 bottles a day! Of course you can still have your cock tails when you want them, but the water will help you feel less bloated, on top of that it will clear up your skin!
  3. Talk Through The Stress: Do not bottle up all of your worries! You don’t want to be the bride who implodes on herself come the wedding day, or explodes onto those around her. Make sure you talk to your mom, dad, siblings, your fiance, your MOH (maid of honor)…these people are all here for you when you need them! You may feel like you don’t want to burden them with all of these little details and problems, but trust me, you will feel better just by talking through your stress. On many occasions after I spoke to my mom, or mother-in-law, any one for that matter I would feel a weight just lift off my shoulders and would shortly after find the solution to the problem I was venting about.
  4. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY: This item is so important to keeping stress to a minimum. My engagement lasted a little over a year, and in the first six months I tried to appease everyone else. Tried to plan around what was easier for everyone else instead of what was easier for me. DO NOT DO THIS! This is your wedding day, do what you want, what will make you happy, and do not feel bad for those decisions. You will not be able to make everyone happy, always remember that it’s not your job to do so and you will have saved yourself so much unwanted stress.
  5. Remember You Will Hit Bumps Along The Way: Try as every bride might, there will always be a bump along the way. We had multiple bumps, from the cakes melting prior to being set out, to the flowers not opening in time, to our lunch not arriving on time….I could go on. But there is no way that you can prepare for EVERY single scenario. Do not waste your energy trying to fix those problems before they ever happen, because who can guarantee that they will anyways? The best thing you can do is stay positive and realize that every wedding has a bump. You will find a solution!
  6. Delegate: Make a list of the people in your wedding party and delegate tasks to be done before, during, and after the wedding. This helped us tremendously, but it also helps that our MOH and Best Man clearly were the best for the job! Do not be afraid to ask for help! This was a huge weakness of mine, I thought I could handle everything by myself, but it wasn’t until a month or so beforehand that I started asking for help, and I received all the help in the world. I honestly do not think the day would have gone so smoothly had I not asked for the help and delegated certain tasks to everyone in the wedding party. Delegate! It will save you time and with that saves you the worry about not completing everything on time!
  7. Get Pampered: This one should be a no-brainer, as most brides and their bridal parties go out the day-of or day before to get their nails done, hair, makeup, well we didn’t go that extensive. But getting a pedicure the day before helped my stress levels tremendously! It was nice to just be with my best friends, my mom, my sister, and even family members who tagged along. Being with all of these important people really just sends your happiness through the roof and completely distracts you from stressing over the last minute details. Enjoy this time getting pampered with everyone, it’s not every day you can get together like this.
  8. Enjoy The Outdoors: Being outside is freeing, you don’t feel enclosed in a box, you have the freedom to really breathe when you are outside. We spent every afternoon outdoors on the lake as soon as the summer months hit. On top of being able to enjoy the company of your significant other, you’ll get a nice tan going too. I actually purchased a tanning membership  once summer hit, and only actually went twice! Just going outside and spending time with family and friends I was able to get a good solid tan before the wedding. You will benefit more from the great outdoors than you will laying in a tanning bed, I can guarantee you that much!
  9. Stay Organized: Keep a binder or notebook with all of your important wedding details! I had a little notebook I carried around with me everywhere during my planning process. I also took advantage of Wedding Wire, by far the best when it came to keeping the guest list in check and to search my area for vendors. Keeping everything in place and setting deadlines for yourself to accomplish things that need to be done will not only alleviate stress, but it will make you feel better checking off those to-do’s. I bought a fancy “The Knot” binder from Barnes & Noble when I first started planning…I never used it once. It overwhelmed me more than it helped me. Organize based on what WORKS for YOU!
  10. Remember The Big Picture: Being a bride is stressful, remember that you will always find cool ideas on Pinterest, there will always be a “better” looking set up…remember you theme and YOUR vision. As a bride you can get side-tracked A LOT and change your mind A LOT. Always remember what your style is, and stick to it! When it comes to your big day you don’t want a jumbled up combination of 10 different wedding themes. Keep focused on your ideas and stick to them, because it will all come together at the end when you do.

I hope all of you brides out there find this list helpful, but also remember, at the end of your big day the ONLY thing that matters is that you get to marry the man of your dreams. Remember that, and I can guarantee you a stress-free wedding day. Once you walk down that aisle and stand before him, NOTHING you were stressing about before will matter.

Happy planning!

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Wedding Day Count Down

I have been absent from writing as of late…due to the fact that…oh yeah, my wedding is a little over a month away. So we have that going on, and we’ve also been in the process of trying to buy a house, which unfortunately fell through as of late. But hey, it just wasn’t meant to be then! Am I upset…well a little, but now I am straight back into stress mode. I know I made a pact with myself at the beginning of the year not to get too stressed out over things….eh, that lasted all but five minutes.

What sucks even more is that I continuously take photos of all of my new healthy meals  that I’ve been preparing as of late, but just haven’t gotten around to posting them, I swear I’m not slacking!! Everything else in my day-to-day life is just taking over right now, so be prepared for after the wedding and I post a ton of recipes and DIY’s…I’m just saying, you have been warned! Of course I’ll take a ton of pictures of the whole wedding process and add that as well, giving you every detail I possibly can without boring you to tears 😉 Did I mention that I managed  to pull off a budget wedding of $5000?!? Yeah..surprised me too! I can go more in depth on that later, but in the mean time…it’s back to Pinterest!

BTW, if ANYONE knows how I can edit my signature to get rid of the little shadow box around it, it would be much appreciated! Google has never failed me before this 😦

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Why Gaining Weight Is AWESOME

I have become a gym junkie. Well I don’t think I’ve strayed too far into that category yet, but I have officially passed the barrier. I always considered those people who went to the gym everyday just straight out of their minds, and on top of that they were eating healthier too! Just trying to show off to the rest of us “normal folk” when in reality that’s not the case.

I never actually believed them when they always said it’s a lifestyle change, and a choice. But it really is. I have officially been going to the gym now everyday of the week for the past 7 weeks, and being perfectly honest I’ve taken about 3 rest days maybe in that time frame. Those three days I completely HATED myself. I felt GUILTY for not going to the gym, and not because I felt like it was an obligation, but because I felt like I was cheating myself. The gym has become an everyday responsibility, something like paying my bills, the only difference being that I WANT to go to the gym every single day, whereas bills eh, no I don’t necessarily want to pay those, because I mean come on who does?

In the past, yes I have always tried to stick with it but never could and I know now that it was because I didn’t have the mind set yet. My drive wasn’t enough, my goals seemed too far fetched and it was discouraging right off the bat. One day something clicked and it no longer became about proving myself to other’s, it no longer became a chore to get fit and eat healthier. That day, it became about ME. I wanted to eat healthier for myself, I wanted to get fit for my DAMN SELF, I wanted to PROVE to MYSELF that I could do it. Have I reached my ultimate goals yet, no, but have I progressed further, HELL YES.

Never in my life would I have thought I could even bench press the bar, which is 45 lbs, not to mention now being able to bench 75 lbs, which I consider a HUGE achievement. I can run a mile in 9 minutes, something I haven’t been able to do since track in my freshmen year of high school. I am no longer winded for doing 2 miles of cardio, then my weight training immediately after. I have pushed myself and in doing that I expanded my mind. I have no mental restrictions, the gym is my savior and my motivation. Not only did I break past that mental barrier, but I have also gained my confidence in myself back. b3537b7b29660fdaf0042a7f1554a1aa

Every woman has her own body complexes, mine being that my baby-bearing hips are just ridiculously too wide, but as of late I realized yeah my hips add some mega curves, but they are all muscle. I can’t help that fact, I can only embrace them, because honestly they add to my physique. I have learned more about my body in the past 7 weeks than I have in my 22 years. Not only that, but I have learned that EVERYONE moves at their own pace, and while my achievements are minuscule compared to some other people’s, who the HELL cares. I’m seeing the difference, and yesterday I realized just how much of a difference.9dbae6fdf2b646b1e6dcb6eb18823921

I haven’t weighed myself in over a year, to which my last weigh in was maybe 115 pounds, basically at 5’7 I was a stick. Lacking in curves, at least in my personal opinions, I was the definition of skinny fat. Last night I had the boys grab the scale from the men’s room at the gym and literally mouth gaping was depressed when it read 116 and became determined to gain at least 20 pounds in muscle mass. But something was off, just that day Shane had picked me up and commented that I was much heavier, to which most women would be upset over but I was PROUD….when I told Shane my results he knew something was off….and it was. I got on the scale on the carpet, which skewed my results, moved the scale to the tile and BOOM, there read 139.6! I have NEVER been more proud of myself in my entire life. 

My happiness to that weigh-in confused the boys to no end, as that would scare many women, and honestly a year ago it would have scared the shit out of me. But to know that I have put on that much weight really makes me happy. While I still have some areas that need more definition and leaning out, I know that this lifestyle change has made me healthier, both physically and mentally, and that’s something to be proud of.

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

xoxo, Bee

Wedding Invites: Tips for a Bride-To-Be

There seriously is no better feeling than finishing your wedding invites, sealing all that info in the envelopes, sticking that stamp on and sending them off into the world, just embracing that huge weight that lifts from your chest. Pure bliss.

But, all the events that take place BEFORE this glorious time in your life, is complete and utter hell. Eh, well I wouldn’t go THAT far, but pretty damn close. When you are a perfectionist like me, it takes FOREVER to figure out the direction you want to take and on top of that I had a pure bridal stress moment, so here is that little piece of wisdom that I can pass off to all the other brides out there!

Here was my bridal stress moment; so of course you start gathering names for your guest list, getting all the proper information together ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling later. Well it took about 4 months just for me to finish combing through the list and get it down to a reasonable amount of people, since I really do not want a HUGE wedding, just not my thing. To ease my guest list stress, I use Wedding Wire, where I can input all of the guest list info I need to, including who needs hotels, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and also create our free wedding website, AND search for vendors in the area. The site is a life saver, but here is where I messed up.

Buying the invites, which I purchased from Wedding Paper Divas, they have AMAZING offers and coupons, I was under the impression that I needed to order at least 85 invites, and of course then 85 RSVP cards, considering I had around 81 guests invited according to the guest list count on wedding wire….If you don’t see the problem here yet, then bless your heart because I didn’t either and ended up wasting at least an extra $150 on invites. So, I counted by guests for the invites, instead of the HOUSEHOLDS. Yes….make sure you count the households, not how many people are on the guest list.

I believe I actually did a head smack at this point of realization, and believe it or not I was already about halfway through writing out the addresses for people when I realized I only needed to do about 15 more and became really confused. Then like a flash of lightning followed by rumbling thunder, it dawned on me that I had made a HUGE error, and BOOM, I am now the idiot bride of the year! If that is an actual award, I deserve it. But for the sake of all other brides out there, PLEASE COUNT HOUSEHOLDS WHEN ORDERING INVITES! You will not only save a ton of money, but also time. If I had realized this before hand I would have splurged on the fancy letter pressed invites I had originally wanted.

The fact that I had 85 invites on hand and in reality only needed to send out 36 is still a matter of annoyance for me. But in a way it was a comic relief, since that meant I only had to address that many and had extras in case I screwed one up! Which of course I did, plus now I can send out some miscellaneous ones to celebrities and Disney characters, and any other people that either side forgot NEED to attend.DSCN0139

In actuality now I am more than happy that I am sending my invites out about five months early, whereas the timeline for them being sent out is about 6-8 weeks. If you are a bride like me where ALL of your family is coming from out of town, or even a destination wedding, then you can understand why I chose to send them out this early. It takes months to get flights, hotels, and road trips in order, not to mention time off work. Plus, the sooner I can get the final head count the better!

While I didn’t DIY the actual invites – I did design them myself though!- I DIYed the envelopes and the accompanied “Accommodations” cards that were inserted as well. You can find the tutorial here!

Seriously, HOUSEHOLD COUNTS my little brides!

xoxo, Bee

My Six Months of Not Using Shampoo

Okay, so I am sure that A LOT of you out there have heard about the no-poo method, and let me tell you, IT IS AMAZING! From the beginning I was weirded out by the idea and nervous because my hair is naturally pretty wavy and can get super gnarly if not taking proper precautions.

Meandering around on Pinterest one day, just for quick tips on how to grow your hair faster, I came across the no-poo method through this blog here! So how does this tie in with hair growth you ask?! Beats the hell outta me honestly, all I know is that my hair has literally grown about 4 to 5 inches since starting this no-poo fad six months ago….completely pushing me past my plateau as I like to call it. I’ve NEVER had my hair this long, or this healthy!

So what IS no-poo?! Exactly how it sounds, I don’t use shampoo. Now, don’t go rushing to conclusions and assumptions, yes I bathe and still wash my hair, but I wash using a chemical free method, hence where the term no-poo comes into play. Using everyday household ingredients, which I always have stocked up, I have been able to completely reinvent my hair and bring it to it’s natural health, developing the oils it needs on it’s own!

The method I use is this, and it varies for everyone, especially when you first start the endeavor.

Shampoo Mix:

  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • 1 cup water

Mix the ingredients in a squeeze bottle until well dissolved.

Method: For usage, thoroughly rinse your hair with water, then make sure you ONLY wash your roots with the baking soda mixture, not the entire length of your hair as it can dry it out much faster. Your scalp will feel slimy, a bit like shampoo but without the bubbles and the extra smells. The baking soda will break up any residue that you have built up from hair products. Lastly, completely rinse the baking soda mixture out of your hair.

*Keep in mind that you can alter from this base method, for instance going through my transition phase I upped my baking soda to 2 tbsp. and used LESS vinegar solution*

“Conditioner” Mix:

  • 2 tbsp vinegar
  • 1 cup water

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle.

Method: Spray in the vinegar mixture along the length of your hair, putting the most solution into the ends of your hair. Leave it in as you would with regular conditioner for the duration of your shower, or roughly 2 minutes. Once you’re about to get out, rinse thoroughly.

*You can use either white or apple cider vinegar, I started off using white vinegar and then switched to apple cider vinegar after my transition period ended, also using varying amounts because of the texture and type of my hair*

If you’re anything like me and like the silky feeling of your hair when you get out of the shower, definitely turn to coconut oil as a type of leave in applicator. Apply to your hair while still damp, this will give you an amazing smell to your hair as well, making it MUCH easier to brush, and has the added bonus of helping hair growth! Many other people will add essential oils to the vinegar mix to get different scents, but either way don’t worry, your hair WILL NOT smell like vinegar, I promise! Which was surprising to me as well! The coconut oil also keeps my hair from frizzing and enhances my waves in my hair, which I am GRATEFUL for.

A lot of people do this method for the main purpose of not having to wash their hair everyday, which I can now go about 5-6 days without washing and usually just go without, or that is just use water. Since I work out everyday, I can’t exactly NOT shower, so those days in between washes are my water wash days. On days when I feel like my hair looks a bit too greasy or waxy, since I have dark brown hair I usually use cocoa powder or coffee grounds as a dry shampoo. In the original blogger post where I found this method I know the writer has blonde hair and suggested corn starch as a dry shampoo as well!

If you are someone who uses a ton of product, gets highlights, dyes, or any such items, the answer is YES you can still do this method! In fact, there is a whole support system on Facebook dedicated to helping out newbies to the no-poo method, as well as TONS of answered FAQ questions on Living In Another Language, the original blog I found this method from. If you feel like you want to try out this amazing method, please feel free to visit both and read up on it even further!

I understand that it won’t necessarily be for everyone, but I encourage you to try it and at least stick with it long enough to get through your transition phase! Once you pass that milestone, your hair just clicks and everything becomes MUCH easier from that point on!

I wish I would have taken a before shot, but this is my hair now! No products, no heat treatments, just all natural! Oh and btw….I haven’t gotten a hair cut in about 2 years…no judgement…I just don’t trust scissors…or other people to do what I ask when it comes to hair cuts. 

2015-02-03 07.19.33_resized
<< This is about three days in now from washing last, oh and ignore the fact that I have absolutely NO makeup on, these days I rarely ever do! The whole length bit is what REALLY surprised me, and my hair has seemed to thicken out a bit since starting this method.

I would say the hardest part to get through is that initial vinegar smell when used in the shower, which is a quick fix when essential oils are added, but also the silky smooth feeling after you use conditioner…that’s the hardest part for me to get past. Since my hair has gotten longer I’ve noticed my waves have fallen much more and tend to not be in little ringlets much, which is good and bad for me. I actually like to embrace my natural hair, it just suits me better than constantly straightening and taking time to style it.

To see a great comparison I’ve conjured up a photo from Instagram from a few days before beginning this method, of course I had to first use up the remainder of my shampoo…can’t be wasteful 😉2015-02-03 07.39.01_resized But from this picture and the one above ^^, you can see that my hair is at LEAST 4 inches longer.

I am SO happy that I have given this lifestyle a try, and I strongly encourage all of you to try it as well!!

Happy hair days!

xoxo, Bee