Bucket List 2015

The new year is literally right around the corner, I honestly can’t even believe how fast time seems to be going by at this point. It seems the older I get the faster it goes, and I do not like it in the slightest! My 2014 bucket list, while I am still attempting a few of those items, like trying to squeeze in 5 more books to read and getting toned (although that has been a debatable feat), are about the last two items I think I can squeeze in before 2015…well maybe just reading the books…I can’t make any promises about laying off all of the holiday food. After all, Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday and I might lose any progress I was making towards “getting toned.”

I felt the need to carry some of the items from my bucket list for 2014 over into this year, but I plan on dropping a few as well. NOW, I don’t want anyone to think I am a quitter when it comes to the item’s I’m writing off the list, just that certain things change in the course of a year and they deserve to be explained as to why they no longer make the cut to being accomplished goals. Other goals I am vamping up to the next level to really push myself in the right direction.

This past year was a busy one, and so many things happened that were amazing, unexpected, and really put life into perspective for me. I discovered a lot about myself, who I want to eventually become, and learned to adapt quickly to the things life throws your way. All in all it was a year well spent, 2014 was a great year for me and I know that 2015 will bring on even more challenges to face and the knowledge to get through them. So I hereby present my 2015 Bucket List!

1. Get married to the man of my dreams!

  • June 21, 2015!! I am very behind on posting lately, but in the whole scheme of things I’m MARRIED! 🙂

2. Go on our honeymoon (somewhere tropical)

3. Complete at least 2 novels

4. Publish an E-book

5. Get Project Management Certification

6. Build up my strength/muscle definition

7. Keep a level-head and low stress levels

8. Go to Discovery Place

9. Visit Charleston, South Carolina

10. Go to Carowinds

11. See my relatives from Minnesota

  • I didn’t get to see the entire clan but I saw my grandparents and they were my top priority! Of course everyone was in town for the wedding and it was so amazing to see everyone!

12. Budget our money wisely

13. Save up for a down payment on a house

14. Get at least 500 subscribers on my blog

15. Get at least 12,000 views on my blog

16. Create yearly photo albums for memories

17. Get boudoir photos taken

18. Get a passport

19. See a Pole Competition

20. Get my splits down

21. Attend at least 3 craft-related classes

22. Get a camera (a legit one)

  • I already get to mark a goal off for this year! My parents were kind enough to get me an awesome Nikon camera for Christmas! Most of my pictures I’ve taken end up being my furbabies 🙂

23. Take part in a themed race

24. Become a self-hosted blog

25. Take a spontaneous mini vacation

Hopefully with the addition of trying to budget more wisely this year we can start checking off some LIFE GOAL items, that you can find here! See below for the 2014 items that didn’t quite make the cut for 2015:

1. Get toned: This one is up for debate, because I really was toned at one point, then I lost it, then gained it…basically it’s so up and down. Shane would argue that I achieved this goal, but to me it’s only achieved if I stayed toned throughout the year. By no means did I gain or lose, basically my body is just weird and I don’t consider this one accomplished. *Sigh* Besides, this year I am focusing more on building up some muscle definition!

2. Finish at least half of my book: This item has been vamped up to the next level, not only am I challenging myself to now finish this book, but begin a second as well. I better bunker down and live up to this expectation. I’m not taking “no” for an answer this year.

4. Go on a cruise: With Shane having been gone for 6 months out of the year, I wasn’t exactly going to off on a cruise without him. Since we’re getting married this year, wherever we go for our honeymoon will suffice just fine 😉 But in the distant future, yes a cruise is going to be a MUST.

10. Visit Myrtle Beach: Eh, from the reviews I’ve heard it’s nothing spectacular, so I switched it out for Charleston, I much rather see a gorgeous historic city.

16. Have at least 2 modeling shoots: I used to have a Model Mayhem account, needless to say after moving up here I tried networking and found more creeps than genuine people. Deactivated the account and decided that I was just outgrowing the whole blooming model bit. While I still LOVE being in front of a camera, I decided a different path and intend to just move on from this. It won’t be anything more than a fun hobby.

23. Visit family in MN: While we did manage to make a trip to Florida, Minnesota was just not a doable trip this year. Having the big trip being to Texas for Shane’s graduation, MN had to be put on the back burner. At least this year with the wedding I should see most of my relatives! (Statement pending)

All in all, 6 out of 25 goals incomplete is not too shabby for 2014.

Now to bring on 2015! I can’t wait to start on my new goals list!

xoxo, Bee



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