Trying to Maintain Balance

Balance is hard. Blogging was everything to me, I enjoy writing and sharing my story, I love DIY projects, I love ranting and venting without caring really what the comments or feedback was, because at least it was my outlet. Helping people has always been a passion of mine, but wait….so is DIY, so is fitness, so is health, so is family, so are my dogs. We all have countless passions I have come to realize, and for a long time I was trying to maintain a sense of order within my blog…

But order is not what my life is about. My life is messy at times, but it’s fulfilling. I have taken on new endeavors that keep me busy, but I no longer use that as an excuse. You make time for the things you are passionate about. Plain and simple.

Goals change, ideas, and you gain a sense of who you are, even though it takes years to develop into the person you want to eventually become. You work so hard to become successful, to just pay bills, to survive. You try to maintain that balance but don’t really know why you aren’t taking more risks.

Risks are unsafe. They cause discord and mayhem, they cause unorganized thoughts and impulsive decisions. But risks are my life, I took a risk when I decided to add 2 more jobs into my life, I took a risk when I moved states away from my family, I took a risk when I decided to embrace the mayhem and discord in my thoughts, instead of pushing them aside.

No one wants to relate to someone who acts like they have their life together, because the truth is that no one really does. No one wants to reach out to someone who idealizes perfection, because no one is perfect. That’s too much pressure to try and act that part.

We don’t want perfection, some strive for that balance. But the truth is that success doesn’t follow a straight line, it’s a wild and curvy path that only our actions can help to lead. Instead of thinking and dreaming, I’ve decided not to maintain balance, no longer to dream it, but to do it. Dreams are goals that we wish to bring into fruition, and I intend to do just that.