DIY Burlap Wedding Banner

*Yay for reposts!! Check out the tutorial below that we utilized for our head table at the wedding!!*

Alright ladies and gents! Here it is! So apart from Halloween being Friday, Shane was on base all weekend so I was left at home to my lonesome (sorta, Clay was home too), but I don’t take my time to myself for granted! I have been- for the past two weeks now- just stock piling on the materials to get a few wedding decorations in order and all planned out.

My top items, get the banner done and then the centerpieces underway. Don’t worry, I will post the DIY for the centerpieces as well this week. Also, how I am keeping all of these mini projects organized to equal the big picture in June!

Of course the majority of my ideas stem from Pinterest, my savior. Well this little tutorial I followed came from , where there are seriously so many DIY I have to put on my restraints before I get sucked into the site. If you are a DIY bride like myself, check it out for inspiration!


(And these vary depending on preferences)

  • 15 ft. burlap (Hobby Lobby – $7.99)
    • I chose an already banner sized roll of burlap so as to reuse for wrapping the cutlery and centerpieces (coming soon), plus much easier than a huge roll in my own opinion
  • Acrylic white paint (Hobby Lobby – $4.99)
    • You can choose other colors, depending on your style and preferences, creativity is encouraged!
  • X-ACTO knife
    • I just used a razor blade that I had at home, but for safety and precision go for the X-ACTO knife
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
    • See notes below
  • Printer and printer paper for letters
  • Twine (12 ft. min)
  • Wax paper



  1. Type up your Mr & Mrs text on Word, choose any font and any sizes you would like, of course making it large enough to encompass enough room on the banner. Print it out.
    1. I cannot for the life of me remember the font I chose, I browsed for at least 40 minutes before deciding on this font. I know it is just a font offered through Word, nothing especially downloaded. I think the size ended up being around 300.
  2. Use your X-ACTO knife to cut out the letters so as to create your stencils.20141029_094638_resized
    1. Shane actually did this for me, he used to do window tinting and has a much steadier hand than I do, plus he used a plain razor blade. It was sweet really, he did it while I was at work!
  3. Next, line up your stencil in the burlap to get a gander at how much space you want on either side of the letters.

    1. This is where the burlap banner roll came in handy, it was already the size I needed, I didn’t need to do any ironing from folds, and just had to then cut with the scissors.
  4. Then, cut your burlap into six squares, just overlapping the squares so as to have the same sizes.

    Sorry I’m a little blurry !
  5. Once you have your squares you can now lay your stencil down to paint. 20141101_125852_resized

    1. I was in our kitchen, and of course I did not want paint getting onto our table, so I put wax paper underneath the burlap. I chose wax paper because after each square I could just wipe off the paint and lay down the next piece without wasting a ton of paper in the process.
  6. Paint each letter.20141101_130049_resized
    1. I didn’t use a paint brush, I used a sponge, it is hard to paint burlap without snagging the material. I dabbed instead used the painting sponges, same effect, just less hassle.
  7. Once complete, let air dry for at least 15-20 minutes.20141101_132141_resized
  8. Lastly you will want to run your twine through your banner.
    1. I have not done this step yet as I ran out of twine for the Halloween party, I will post an update once it has been completed!

*On a few side notes, this is a very easy project and literally took me maybe twenty minutes with all the supplies already on hand. It turns out AWESOME and I was skeptical before it had fully dried that you wouldn’t be able to see it but you definitely can!*

You can also find this tutorial as well as many others by clicking the icon below! My first link-up party! Let’s see how it goes!


Tip: After cutting the burlap you will notice it begins to unravel, pull some of the strands off the sides so it won’t continue to unravel on it’s own. It gives it a more worn and frayed look anyways. See here for further details! If you get the roll instead of the yards it will eliminate the burlap from unraveling on the top and bottom as it is already sewn! 🙂

Hope you all enjoy! More DIY to come!

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