Target and the Gender Neutral Movement

So occasionally the world just provides me with amazing topics to get all heated over, the worst part is I usually find all of these stories browsing through my news feed, I mean come on I haven’t had cable in well over a year now. Well here I am scrolling along and I came across a shared post talking about this person who faked being a Target representative, just feeding off the anger of venting Americans over this whole gender neutrality move that Target has decided to make. Of  course out of curiosity I just had to take a peek – you can view the article here – and boy if I was not entertained! I’m still laughing hysterically.

Let me elaborate.

Are you people serious right now!?! You are all so butt hurt over the combination of the toys and bedding sections for children?! How in the hell does that affect you in any way shape or form? So sorry they will be changing the paint down the aisles, damn that is such a hassle for you, I for one will be happy not to see bright ass pink in the Barbie aisles anymore, because really….that pink is just completely obnoxious and distracting. If I ever had a daughter her room colors would definitely not be pink and a boy would definitely not be blue. Does anyone really still do that? They’re little….they don’t give a crap. My room changed colors and wallpapers (oh the 90’s) constantly growing up, and my parents were at least awesome enough to let me decide.

I see right through all of these people complaining about the “neutral move” as I’ll call it, we all know that you people are just being dicks over the LGBT movement/community. They haven’t done anything to you, they’re trying to be happy and find love just like the rest of the world!

But I can see right through your bull shit, all of you are such hypocritical fools. Do you honestly think that the toys your child plays with, and the colors you put in their bedrooms will determine their sexuality later in life?! If you are still on that bandwagon than you really need to reevaluate your life. I don’t know about my fellow readers out there, but I loved hot wheels, they were the greatest toy ever! Of course I liked to play with my barbie’s with my sister, but once my brother came around all of his toys were so much better! They made you think, not just play house, he always had Lego sets that he wanted my help with, Bionicles to be built, and I mean come on who doesn’t want a swooshing light saber?! But even with all of that my brother was always included to play with my sister and I when we played with our barbie’s or polly pockets – granted he might kill me for even saying it – but that’s the whole point here; boys and girls shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about playing with all kinds of different toys!

We always label, even as adults we are labeled, and that’s more so by appearance and still by gender once you get into the work force. Gender neutrality is one of the biggest steps that needs to be made to help with the equality of genders for the future generations. What are you going to say to your child, “oh no sweetie that’s a girls toy,” or “that’s a boys toy.” We shouldn’t be restricting the possibilities for our children to learn and play with toys that make them happy, and as for the bedding…oh boo fricken who. I would never purchase a bright flowering comforter for my child to begin with, and I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of those car beds in my house, but that’s just me.

Children have no sense of what they can and can’t play with, it’s you as the adult who tells them, and those ideas will stay with that child for the rest of their lives. It shouldn’t be that way, we should be shaping a better future for these children, because I sure as hell don’t want to raise my child into thinking they can and can’t play with certain toys, because what does that say further into their future, that they can and can’t work at certain places because of gender, they can and can’t go to a certain college or play a certain sport because of gender. If I had a daughter who grew up to want to be a mechanic, then she can be a mechanic! (I wouldn’t doubt that anyways with how obsessed with cars my husband is) If I had a son who wanted to be a nurse, by all means he can be a damn nurse!

You see, it’s just a label, and by no means do toys determine a child’s sexuality. For heaven’s sake the toys end up being given away or sold as soon as they become babyish to your now teenager who is only interested in their phones, friends and video games. So calm down people, it’s not the end of the world, to me it seems like the start of a better one for the future generations. You can agree or disagree with me, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but as for you Target, you have my full support!

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