Wedding Day Count Down

I have been absent from writing as of late…due to the fact that…oh yeah, my wedding is a little over a month away. So we have that going on, and we’ve also been in the process of trying to buy a house, which unfortunately fell through as of late. But hey, it just wasn’t meant to be then! Am I upset…well a little, but now I am straight back into stress mode. I know I made a pact with myself at the beginning of the year not to get too stressed out over things….eh, that lasted all but five minutes.

What sucks even more is that I continuously take photos of all of my new healthy meals  that I’ve been preparing as of late, but just haven’t gotten around to posting them, I swear I’m not slacking!! Everything else in my day-to-day life is just taking over right now, so be prepared for after the wedding and I post a ton of recipes and DIY’s…I’m just saying, you have been warned! Of course I’ll take a ton of pictures of the whole wedding process and add that as well, giving you every detail I possibly can without boring you to tears 😉 Did I mention that I managed  to pull off a budget wedding of $5000?!? Yeah..surprised me too! I can go more in depth on that later, but in the mean time…it’s back to Pinterest!

BTW, if ANYONE knows how I can edit my signature to get rid of the little shadow box around it, it would be much appreciated! Google has never failed me before this 😦

Signature 3



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