Vacation Blues

Every time we go on vacation I end up sick, EVERY SINGLE FRICKEN TIME. This past weekend we finally made a little weekend getaway to Florida where of course we were running around non-stop. Well upon leaving on Sunday I procured a sore throat that has led to a severe sinus infection…basically I am drowning in my own mucus right now. I’m not that person who goes to the doctor very often but this puppy has been so awful that I actually caved and went in yesterday, mostly because I was super worried it could be strep, which I am notorious for.

Well thankfully it wasn’t, nope just a sinus infection which still sucks to no end, and with my little prescription for good health in hand I went to pick up my drugs and the pharmacy closed before I could get my grimy infected hands on the cure. I AM MISERABLE….but in other good news at least it happened after all the festivities of the weekend, which included both Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower. Yeah we were all so hung over and exhausted from the night that we were not the brightest bunch for the shower….but it was the most fun I’ve had in a LONG time…only four more months to go!!

I’m only starting to freak out a little bit! Check out below for some pictures of the weekend!! Hope you’re in better health than I am at the moment!

Bachelorette Party! (btw apparently bachelorette isn’t even a real word according to my computer)

They made me my own #hashtag!



The best Maid of Honor a girl could ever ask for!

10407030_10203359717106637_1205288481753479601_n11054383_10203363117911655_4325592730067710120_nBridal Shower!


There are so many more pictures, but even after going through these ones I can’t help but be a little jealous of the picture quality coming from my sister’s Iphone 6….if anything could push me back towards Apple it would be that.

xoxo, Bee


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