Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Recipe

I’ve been doing so awesome lately with not indulging in my pasta fetish and sticking to my meal plans! Well….this week I just had to have it, I know it’s all mental but I made sure to only have a small bit, I promise!! Besides, I have to make sure I keep trying these recipes out so you don’t have to, see, I’m just helping everyone out today!

Check out the latest recipe for Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta here!20150223_193412_resized Oh, and it’s Harry Potter series time again, so if I haven’t been keeping up all too well I have been stress working out, with the wedding now 4 months away, invites sent and very little else I can do at this point other than wait for RSVP’s, then reading to occupy the rest of my brain’s free time, I may be a tad late when it comes to blogging. But don’t worry, everything will start picking up again…and I couldn’t be more thrilled/terrified/stressed/many other emotions.

Doesn’t help that I am completely OVER winter, just bring me Spring already, this girl needs to get her tan on before the big day! Clearly by my latest nail attire I am hoping for Spring to come!11018849_10153065986546465_8507550353319906059_nAt least in the next two weeks we will be relaxing in Florida, FINALLY getting a little mini vacation away from work for a bit. Can’t wait to see everyone! Until next time!

xoxo, Bee


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