Why Gaining Weight Is AWESOME

I have become a gym junkie. Well I don’t think I’ve strayed too far into that category yet, but I have officially passed the barrier. I always considered those people who went to the gym everyday just straight out of their minds, and on top of that they were eating healthier too! Just trying to show off to the rest of us “normal folk” when in reality that’s not the case.

I never actually believed them when they always said it’s a lifestyle change, and a choice. But it really is. I have officially been going to the gym now everyday of the week for the past 7 weeks, and being perfectly honest I’ve taken about 3 rest days maybe in that time frame. Those three days I completely HATED myself. I felt GUILTY for not going to the gym, and not because I felt like it was an obligation, but because I felt like I was cheating myself. The gym has become an everyday responsibility, something like paying my bills, the only difference being that I WANT to go to the gym every single day, whereas bills eh, no I don’t necessarily want to pay those, because I mean come on who does?

In the past, yes I have always tried to stick with it but never could and I know now that it was because I didn’t have the mind set yet. My drive wasn’t enough, my goals seemed too far fetched and it was discouraging right off the bat. One day something clicked and it no longer became about proving myself to other’s, it no longer became a chore to get fit and eat healthier. That day, it became about ME. I wanted to eat healthier for myself, I wanted to get fit for my DAMN SELF, I wanted to PROVE to MYSELF that I could do it. Have I reached my ultimate goals yet, no, but have I progressed further, HELL YES.

Never in my life would I have thought I could even bench press the bar, which is 45 lbs, not to mention now being able to bench 75 lbs, which I consider a HUGE achievement. I can run a mile in 9 minutes, something I haven’t been able to do since track in my freshmen year of high school. I am no longer winded for doing 2 miles of cardio, then my weight training immediately after. I have pushed myself and in doing that I expanded my mind. I have no mental restrictions, the gym is my savior and my motivation. Not only did I break past that mental barrier, but I have also gained my confidence in myself back. b3537b7b29660fdaf0042a7f1554a1aa

Every woman has her own body complexes, mine being that my baby-bearing hips are just ridiculously too wide, but as of late I realized yeah my hips add some mega curves, but they are all muscle. I can’t help that fact, I can only embrace them, because honestly they add to my physique. I have learned more about my body in the past 7 weeks than I have in my 22 years. Not only that, but I have learned that EVERYONE moves at their own pace, and while my achievements are minuscule compared to some other people’s, who the HELL cares. I’m seeing the difference, and yesterday I realized just how much of a difference.9dbae6fdf2b646b1e6dcb6eb18823921

I haven’t weighed myself in over a year, to which my last weigh in was maybe 115 pounds, basically at 5’7 I was a stick. Lacking in curves, at least in my personal opinions, I was the definition of skinny fat. Last night I had the boys grab the scale from the men’s room at the gym and literally mouth gaping was depressed when it read 116 and became determined to gain at least 20 pounds in muscle mass. But something was off, just that day Shane had picked me up and commented that I was much heavier, to which most women would be upset over but I was PROUD….when I told Shane my results he knew something was off….and it was. I got on the scale on the carpet, which skewed my results, moved the scale to the tile and BOOM, there read 139.6! I have NEVER been more proud of myself in my entire life. 

My happiness to that weigh-in confused the boys to no end, as that would scare many women, and honestly a year ago it would have scared the shit out of me. But to know that I have put on that much weight really makes me happy. While I still have some areas that need more definition and leaning out, I know that this lifestyle change has made me healthier, both physically and mentally, and that’s something to be proud of.

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

xoxo, Bee


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