Wedding Invites: Tips for a Bride-To-Be

There seriously is no better feeling than finishing your wedding invites, sealing all that info in the envelopes, sticking that stamp on and sending them off into the world, just embracing that huge weight that lifts from your chest. Pure bliss.

But, all the events that take place BEFORE this glorious time in your life, is complete and utter hell. Eh, well I wouldn’t go THAT far, but pretty damn close. When you are a perfectionist like me, it takes FOREVER to figure out the direction you want to take and on top of that I had a pure bridal stress moment, so here is that little piece of wisdom that I can pass off to all the other brides out there!

Here was my bridal stress moment; so of course you start gathering names for your guest list, getting all the proper information together ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling later. Well it took about 4 months just for me to finish combing through the list and get it down to a reasonable amount of people, since I really do not want a HUGE wedding, just not my thing. To ease my guest list stress, I use Wedding Wire, where I can input all of the guest list info I need to, including who needs hotels, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and also create our free wedding website, AND search for vendors in the area. The site is a life saver, but here is where I messed up.

Buying the invites, which I purchased from Wedding Paper Divas, they have AMAZING offers and coupons, I was under the impression that I needed to order at least 85 invites, and of course then 85 RSVP cards, considering I had around 81 guests invited according to the guest list count on wedding wire….If you don’t see the problem here yet, then bless your heart because I didn’t either and ended up wasting at least an extra $150 on invites. So, I counted by guests for the invites, instead of the HOUSEHOLDS. Yes….make sure you count the households, not how many people are on the guest list.

I believe I actually did a head smack at this point of realization, and believe it or not I was already about halfway through writing out the addresses for people when I realized I only needed to do about 15 more and became really confused. Then like a flash of lightning followed by rumbling thunder, it dawned on me that I had made a HUGE error, and BOOM, I am now the idiot bride of the year! If that is an actual award, I deserve it. But for the sake of all other brides out there, PLEASE COUNT HOUSEHOLDS WHEN ORDERING INVITES! You will not only save a ton of money, but also time. If I had realized this before hand I would have splurged on the fancy letter pressed invites I had originally wanted.

The fact that I had 85 invites on hand and in reality only needed to send out 36 is still a matter of annoyance for me. But in a way it was a comic relief, since that meant I only had to address that many and had extras in case I screwed one up! Which of course I did, plus now I can send out some miscellaneous ones to celebrities and Disney characters, and any other people that either side forgot NEED to attend.DSCN0139

In actuality now I am more than happy that I am sending my invites out about five months early, whereas the timeline for them being sent out is about 6-8 weeks. If you are a bride like me where ALL of your family is coming from out of town, or even a destination wedding, then you can understand why I chose to send them out this early. It takes months to get flights, hotels, and road trips in order, not to mention time off work. Plus, the sooner I can get the final head count the better!

While I didn’t DIY the actual invites – I did design them myself though!- I DIYed the envelopes and the accompanied “Accommodations” cards that were inserted as well. You can find the tutorial here!

Seriously, HOUSEHOLD COUNTS my little brides!

xoxo, Bee


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