Throwback Thursday: Chicken Salad Recipe

Hey all! A new recipe has been added to the Feeding Frenzy page, check it out here!20141230_184035_resized_1 So many things going on right now, from taking on wedding planning, and to now ALSO in the process of building a house, I’m just a huge ball of stress right about now. On a side note though, I finally got my centerpieces together! Now, just have to get all kinds of deposits in, as well as get the rest of the centerpieces…UGH.

And yes, that does mean my little glass-stained bottles project was, well for lack of other words a HUGE waste, but never fear, I’ve decided to use the ones I did create as home decor instead…so I guess it wasn’t entirely a waste 🙂 Along with the centerpieces I finalized on, I’ll be sharing a TON of tips and tricks I’ve come across during this whole wedding planning process. Oh, and the lovely invites operation….please give my hands the strength to keep on addressing these invites until they are done!

Happy Throwback Thursday!!

xoxo, Bee


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