8 Types of “Dog Owners” Who Need to Be Slapped or Imprisoned

Most of you already know that I am a dog owner, in fact I own three amazing dogs who I would do anything for. Maybe that’s just a rare trait that some people have nowadays, you know, responsibility, selfless love for something other than yourself. Of course I follow a ton of adoptable pages via Facebook, along with tons more just dedicated to animals in general. It makes me completely SICK to read the stories behind some of these poor animals and grateful that these fosters/kennels are doing everything they can to get them out of their current situations, giving these dogs a second chance at a life they actually deserve and with a family that will give them unconditional love and attention.

People out there just astound me with their selfishness, and while some of these classifications I am about to give may have their reasons and justifications that help them sleep better at night; but to someone like me and a lot of other people out there, you’re preaching to the wrong choir.

  1. The Time Manager: Oh how I love this category! First off, if you all of a sudden don’t have the allotted “time” to take care of a living being, DON’T GET A DOG! It’s really that simple. Especially the people who go in and buy a puppy right off the bat, yes a puppy takes TIME to train and a lot of patience. I know everyone who has a baby or a child will scoff at me for comparing, but a lot like a HUMAN baby, a puppy needs guidance, to be fed, to be taken out, has their own set of puppy shots and check-ups throughout that first year. Yes, life throws certain things at us along the way, but it is NO EXCUSE to drop your dog off at a shelter because you no longer have time for it. I work 8 hours a day, and Shane works 12, miraculously I STILL manage to play with my dogs and let them run around with each other, I don’t even know how I do it! Oh wait, maybe because THERE ARE 24 hours in a day, or I’m just superwoman. Either way I’m not buying your shitty excuses.
  2. The Mover: The whole, “Oh I’m moving and I can’t take my dog with me.” I call BULLSHIT, you know why?! Oh, right! Because I moved, and not just across town – although I have done that before too, WITH my dogs – but I moved STATES. Oh and guess what, I still kept my dogs! What a fricken miracle! If you have a dog and have to move, be responsible, if you have to go to an apartment, pick one that ALLOWS dogs. Seriously people, it’s not rocket science. You can’t even pull the pit-bull card on me either, because if you cared to do enough research before just blindly writing your dog off, then you would know that you can actually register your dog as an “Emotional Support Animal,” making it illegal for landlords to refuse to rent to you. MIND BLOWING.
  3. The Abandoner: I don’t even have words for this type of person, other than F*@! you. To even think that someone could just drop their dog off on the side of the road and not have any moral issue with that brings tears to my eyes. Especially knowing that that exact thing was done for my Bear. He was left on the side of the road, and found by a good Samaritan on the edge of a highway in Virginia at only 3 months old. Do you really have no other option at that point? Because I can think of a ton of other options. Was it really so hard for you to at least just bring the dog to a shelter at that point? At least have the heart enough to knowingly surrender him somewhere where at least he can find a better life than what you are offering. No apparently not, because THOUSANDS of dogs are left abandoned every day, and not ONE of them deserves it.
  4. The Abuser: These categories are just getting better and better, because of you abusers so many dogs are thankfully taken from you. There are still people in this world WATCHING for you, you are a despicable human being. I’ve seen rescue stories of dogs who were being punched, kicked, tortured, tied out and choked, cut, burned, just abused in ways that I can’t imagine ever doing to an animal. Our first dog, Whiskey, fits into this loathsome category. She was terrified of men from being abused; when we went to the shelter 3 years ago in Florida we came across her on our second go-around. The shelter face. That’s all that can really be said about it, and for all those out there who have adopted a dog, you know exactly what I mean. After hearing about her back story I was wary of getting her because I didn’t want her to be afraid of Shane. But we played with her anyways, and a few months later we got her over her fear. So many dogs fit into this category, and so many volunteers and good-hearted people fight to free these poor babies from their horrible circumstances. It takes time and patience to cure a dog of their fears after being abused so extensively, and you people never should have owned that dog in the first place.
  5. The Kids Card: I’ve seen this one so many times and it’s just another excuse. It seems to me that a lot of people will get a dog as “practice” for when a baby comes along. Yeah well, when the baby does come you just decide that you can longer care for your dog. Yes, I understand having kids makes for a lot of time you need to spend with them, it’s another responsibility to add to your pile, and just because it’s another task, doesn’t exclude you from taking care of your dog, another one of your responsibilities. As humans we were given this uncanny trait called multi-tasking, but sadly too many people are too LAZY to take on all of their responsibilities, just wanting all of their problems solved for them. I know people think I’m crazy having my three dogs, and yes I want to start a family, but the insane thing is that my dogs are a part of MY FAMILY. So a baby would be one more thing on my plate, just add it to the list. Sure I’ll probably be dead tired, but that’s life, get over yourself.
  6. The Dog Fighter: Just go to hell. Seriously, the steps are already laid down for you, might as well start the trek down now, because no one who loves animals up here wants you here. We all know the Michael Vick story and it’s atrocious. You know dog fighters actually starve the dogs, which is what brings on the rage and the precedent’s for them to fight one another. If that’s not vile enough already, they are supposed to fight to the death. Oh but it gets way worse than that, the bait dogs. Oh yeah, you read correctly, and I didn’t stutter either. The name is exactly what it is, they throw in the smaller dogs with the ones they want to fight and literally let them tear the poor bait dog to shreds, unflinchingly. The majority of dog fights just happen to be pit bulls, which is why their reputation is always misconceived amongst the entire population. But don’t worry, there are others who know the truth, so screw your misconstrued knowledge on the breed of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Leia is a boxer pit-bull mix, being a mixed breed still gets her judgement, and for pit-bull owners you know you get it all the time and in full force. As for the dog fighters, you belong behind bars for the rest of your miserable and meaningless lives, you’re ruining society and advocating violence among man’s best friend. We’ve had enough of your shit.
  7. The Budgeter: Money. Literally nothing more really needs to be said. We all get into rough times at certain points in our lives, and yes owning a dog takes money on top of everything else. Simply put, if you are not in a stable position in your life, don’t take on the responsibility to care for another living being if you are barely taking care of yourself. There’s no need to be putting an innocent animal in jeopardy because you don’t have the money to care for it. Oh, and wrap it before you tap it buddy, because if you can barely take care of yourself you don’t need to be reproducing either.
  8. The Breeder: There are more dogs in the world than there are humans at this point, and only 1 in 5 families actually have a dog. Those odds are not in their favor, not to mention millions are euthanized each day and yet people still breed their dogs. People are so set on getting those pure bred puppies, when you can go to any shelter and pick up an amazing dog who needs a loving home. I’m not gonna lie, we picked Leia up at 8 weeks old off of a Craigslist ad, but I wouldn’t trade doing that for the world. Many people wouldn’t either with their store bought puppies, and honestly I’m not gonna go judging someone for doing that. Either way, that is one less dog that you will find on the street, or in a shelter in the future. Hopefully. As long as you aren’t the asshole who falls into any of the categories mentioned above. But in the long run something NEEDS to be done here, too many dogs are in kill shelters, too many are left in shitty situations that need help. Get your dog fixed, that’s the first step to solving this epidemic.

To the people out there who are trying their hardest to help out man’s best friend, we are truly grateful. Whether it’s big or small, at least you are slowly making a difference. The rest of us who care are watching and sending you emotional support every day. It’s not an easy task, but it’s a job that will change the life of that special dog forever, thank you. If not for you, these babies would have never gotten their second chance.

xoxo, Bee

*To see an update on where Michael Vick’s rescued dogs are today, click here*

I’m Whiskey, I love to run and sit on my daddy’s feet when he gets home


My name is Leia, I like to snuggle and give sloppy kisses, I get really excited and sometimes jump


My name is Bear, I’m a huge goofball and love to instigate play time with my sisters








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