Cinnamon-Sugar French Toast

Finally a recipe is out and done! I am officially ecstatic that I forced my thoughts through with that post yesterday because I am stepping my way out of that damn writer’s block! Woohoo!! But in other news, this recipe is a serious nom. This is actually one of my first official, not-so-related Pinterest recipes! Sometimes when you just start throwing items together you can come out with a masterpiece, or in this case, a cure for that grumbling belly. Check out the recipe here!20150101_112551_resized_1My mouth is salivating right now just looking at this, knowing what I am missing right now because I am not eating it. *Sigh* I have a serious love for breakfast foods, at any time of day, anywhere. Actually breakfast for dinner has to be one of the greatest things of all time, not only is the food amazing, but it just makes it feel so naughty, which makes it taste even better. Oh, it’s 8 o’clock at night, I’m not supposed to be eating this…yep…this is what my life has come to, considering myself to be a BAMF for eating breakfast for dinner. Am I ashamed, not in the slightest!

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

xoxo, Bee



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