Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block. Lately I have so much on my mind I cannot write even the simplest things, I literally have about three recipes to post that I’ve started and just not been able to wrap them up yet. The worst part is that this writer’s block isn’t the “oh, I just can’t think of what to write,” type deals. I know exactly what I want to write, what needs to be said and done, but I immediately get distracted by other thoughts running through my head. Even writing this post right now I am forcing myself to push through it, instead of going to research houses, plan out my meal preparations for tonight, thinking about just going to the gym, wedding planning.

All of those things are just driving me crazy, I don’t think I’ve had a mental break for at least a month now. I’m just mentally exhausted and tired of listening to my own banter. Don’t get me wrong, I love who I am, what my goals are, but sometimes you can just drive yourself crazy when you constantly think about everything all at once! Apparently this is mainly a woman thing though, I wish I had that turn-off valve that men seem to have. I’ve been asked before how I don’t explode from having all of these thoughts, and honestly I have no idea, but I sure get some massive headaches from it.

The gym lately has been my salvation, and it’s officially the longest I’ve consistently gone! So yay for that achievement! Since Shane bought me my membership for Christmas I don’t think I’ve missed a day. It’s helping me cleanse myself from work so I work out those frustrations, and on top of that it’s given me a whole new inspiration to just be a healthier version of myself. I mean I haven’t gone cold turkey or anything yet, it’s been a gradual change for the past few weeks. But I have noticed that even with these small changes even the smallest cheat meals will just slow me down, and honestly at this point I’ve already realized it’s not worth it…plus I found out I have a weird obsession with broccoli. I would say the obsession is unhealthy, but in all actuality it’s not at all! My seven-year old self would think I’m crazy, even my sixteen-year old self!

All-in-all because of this new regime for me I’ve been thinking hard about adding a new sub-section that is all fitness related. Maybe with this addition it will bring me full circle and I will be able to completely get all that I’ve been learning off of my chest. After all, you are supposed to write about what you care about, and until recently, I had no idea how much I actually would start caring about fitness and health. I’ve always been an advocate for trying new things, such as the Pole Fitness, but when it comes to eating healthy, it was always foreign to me. How do you even begin a transition like that?!? Well I finally began that transition! On top of that, I am getting married in t-minus 6 months, what better way to get in better shape! Besides that, I need something to curb the stress, have to keep up with those bucket list items on top of all this 😉

So here’s to writer’s block, and may it PLEASE ebb away and let me share some amazing recipes with ya’ll!

xoxo, Bee


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