All I See These Days is Disrespect

Earlier today as I was preparing my next recipe tutorial I got mildly distracted by news stories that are constantly being shared through Facebook, Twitter, basically all social media right now. I couldn’t continue to even write my frivolous recipe because I was instantly pissed off by the petty people in this world. Not even just the people, but news stations, and the fact that people are so quick to blatantly follow these news stories as if they are completely true. Honestly I know this will just fuel the fire at this point but it’s something I just can’t ignore, otherwise it will continue to bother me and prevent me from focusing on the other aspects of my blog.

So the story that pissed me off you ask? Well this link right here will take you straight to it. Granted the source probably isn’t the greatest, but this story was just the last straw for me. I’ve already been holding in my anger towards all of the cops that are being shot, penalized for doing there JOBS, and I’m sure the majority of them are scared every day to go to work. I know I would be, and honestly if I had a family member who was a cop, I would plead with them not to go. People these days are just getting crazier, thinking so highly of themselves. Seriously? This is why Americans are viewed as bullies everywhere in the world, look at what goes on in our own streets?! Citizens just letting off rounds at other people, killing just to kill or make a statement, how can other countries respect US when we don’t even respect EACH OTHER?!

America used to stand for something, now what are we? I can tell you one thing, we aren’t the keepers of the peace, that’s for damn sure. No one in the world wants our help because we cause more problems than it’s worth. Our Government hides the stories they feel necessary to hide, the news only reports the most horrid instances when it comes to our public servants, and racial issues have skyrocketed in the past 6 years to the worst they have been since the early 70’s! America is literally a ticking time bomb, we are imploding from the inside and I’m sure that all the countries around the world are enjoying the view with a big bowl of popcorn, just waiting to see what happens next.

In our history we were able, despite our differences, to join together as one united people and help those who needed help, we used to have pride and faith in our country. The last event that brought Americans together was September 11, and from all of you reading this I know you can agree. I was in fourth grade when that tragic day happened and I could just feel the electricity and fire that was instilled in every American after it happened. But it shouldn’t take a tragedy to bring Americans together, we should be able to respect each other, help other people, and set an example for future generations. Instead, we fight amongst ourselves, killing one another, bullying, hating, bashing. Yes, America has a harsh past, but it is in the PAST. There is an old saying that you have to leave your past behind you, to ensure a better future, and I believe in that statement wholeheartedly.

I know I am just one person out of the billions in this world, I might not have the influence of a celebrity, or a politician, but I have something that is better than that, I have the heart of an everyday American citizen. We were all taught right from wrong at an early age, no one can deny that fact. Think of yourself as a five year old, if someone asked you when you were five if  you would ever kill a cop what would you say? The obvious answer is no, you wouldn’t, because the police are there to HELP you, and even if the question was to kill anyone the answer would still be NO because it is wrong to kill someone! Killing someone cannot be justified, along with a list of horrible things that we do to each other everyday, all those bad  things cannot be justified.

Americans need to wake up, take responsibility for your actions and stop BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE! Be a better person for you, for your family, and for your children. We were promised Change 7 years ago, a change that none of us were prepared for, because if this is the change then I don’t want any part of it. Stand up, but stand up for the right reasons, don’t blindly make a stand for something that is a media or governmental ploy. Respect those whose job it is to protect you, to teach you, and to help you develop into a better human being. If we crumble, everything our ancestors died for and fought so hard for will be lost within our own hate and petty differences.

xoxo, Bee



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