DIY “Sharpie” Mugs

The holidays are at last over with! But with that, I can now post the tutorial for the DIY presents I made for my parents! If you are a Pinterest junkie like I am then I am sure you have seen the decorative sharpie mugs ALL over the place. Well I decided to take it a step further, through researching other people’s experiences with this project I found out that sharpie’s are NOT the way to be going, not if you want to be able to hand wash, or even dish wash these mugs!

Of course they turned out so awesome for my parents I was obligated to make one for 20141213_134805_resizedmyself as well, check out the latest Pinning Craze page here! I’ll give you all the info you need to make these bad boys, and keep them looking EXACTLY how you first created them. My personal mug has already been through the dish washer 5 times! It still looks brand new!

Enjoy your Monday everyone!

xoxo, Bee


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