DIY Wedding Cake…Sort Of

As you all know I am getting married this upcoming summer, and it is now “crunch time.” We are officially into the six month period, so I am kind of freaking out when it comes to the details..not to mention I still haven’t sent the invites so yeah…but anyways I knew from the start of the whole wedding planning process that I wanted it to be mainly DIY. More work for me, yes, but less expensive by FAR. When it came to a wedding cake I got quoted for about $450 plus an extra $90 delivery fee on the day-of. Like seriously?!? That’s A LOT of fricken money for something that’s going to look nice for a few pictures then be cut into!

Basically I chose DIY because I just can’t justify spending that much money! It’s beyond ridiculous, we chose to stay within a roughly $1300-$1500 out of pocket budget. I’m very lucky that my parent’s are paying the big bucks when it comes to the venue and catering, both are all-inclusive in the same price and so are all the chairs, tables, blah blah blah. Miraculously I didn’t go too far outside there $5k budget they set. Weddings are no joke people, I thought it was all glitz and glam before I actually had to start planning one myself, it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be.

The cake, and MANY other items are the little details I decided I would tackle myself instead of paying a vendor money to do something I can do beautifully- if I do say so myself- on my own. Of course with the instruction and help from my future mother-in-law. She has taken instruction classes for cake making techniques in the past and when she came up to visit brought all of her tools with her. What we did was put in an order for a two-tiered plain-jane vanilla cake at Publix, I did that about a week in advance before she came up, we bought there bakery butter-cream frosting as well, about three little plastic containers of it. We made sure they didn’t stack it beforehand as we wanted to do it ourselves and play around a bit. A few more supplies were needed, like a spreading spatula, some butter flavoring, and some meringue. I already had some powdered sugar at home and of course we already had all of the decorating tips needed, as I wasn’t doing anything too fancy to begin with.

Shane’s mom was awesome about teaching me how to do the basic techniques, we completely amped up the frosting, it was full of air and just didn’t taste enough like butter-cream to me, plus we added a bit of color in order to get that more ivory color that my whole wedding is based off of. Once we got the first layer or the “thin” layer of frosting on is when the fun began, I chose two of my favorite designs on Pinterest and we attempted to replicate them on either side of the cake. Below are the designs we were going for!

The “Textured Cake” as we called it
The “Roses” cake

And seen below here are our actual results! I posted both on Instagram and Facebook basically taking a vote on which one everyone seemed to like the best. EVERYONE seemed to take more to the roses, including myself! I definitely want to hear what all of my readers out there think!

Roses cake! It pictures very well and while a bit more time consuming it turned out awesome!
Textured side! Mind you it would be wrapped similar to the example cake above! Very easy to do and still looks awesome!

To me both look awesome and I am having a hard time deciding! Not to mention the cake passed the taste test with flying colors as well! It’s not helping with my New Years resolutions to eat healthier at all…just sitting there on our kitchen counter SLOWLY getting nibbled at. For those wondering this cake is supposed to feed about 50-60 people, so yeah…..I have a lot of cake to eat! Happy New Years everyone! Let me know which design you like best!

xoxo, Bee





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