Miracle Carpet Cleaner

This past week has been CRAZY, which is expected for everyone right now. It’s in the final countdown to Christmas! Woohoo! Honestly through the past few years Christmas has lost it’s magic sparkle, where my bell has stopped ringing..(yes that was a Polar Express reference, and I am not ashamed) Since we live away from our immediate family and me from all of my relatives, it’s just the two of us. We are always taken in by Clay’s family though, which is nice, but my parents came up for a little weekend visit this past weekend! It was more than I could ask for, I haven’t seen them since last March and I missed them like crazy. So of course my mother and I tackled a TON of wedding details, which I am so much more relieved now from it!

But anyways last Thursday I missed my Throwback Thursday post and of course this Thursday is Christmas! So I may be temporarily absent, as I am sure most of you out there will be. So in honor of my LATE Throwback Thursday I will share with you the oh so wonderful formula I found (via Pinterest) for a stain remover for carpet, well for me our rug. During the aforementioned going away party for my friend there was just alcohol spills, drinks, whatever have you all over the rug. I plain got sick of looking at it and the carpet stain remover I had – which is specifically MADE for getting stains out – just did NOT work.

So, this little link here saved my rug! Although it’s a hand-me-down it does the job for now, it brings the room together in it’s own way, and have you seen how expensive a large rug is?!? Yeah, I think I’ll just do my best to salvage this one for now!


  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Dish cloth
  • Vacuum

Basically there is no WRONG way to do this, all you do is cover the stain with the white vinegar, sprinkle some baking soda over the vinegar then let it sit. You will see it bubble and fizz, and it’s actually pretty mesmerizing to watch, you can actually see in the bubbles coming up the stain being absorbed. Awesome, yet gross! After it settles a bit, take a damp dish cloth and rub away the stain. Let it dry from there, then vacuum up any excess! Ta-da! No more stains!

See my results below!

Before, see it all in that blue square? Then tiny little speckles leading to the couch?


After! Look at the difference! Definitely my go to cleaner from now on! Plus, so much cheaper than a $6.99 bottle of stain remover.

I love homemade cleaning solutions!! Cheaper, more convenient, and plain just works better! After Christmas I’ll be posting all about my month so far going No-Poo!! I’m sure some of you have heard about it, if not check out the link here and read up! I’ll be sharing my own experience and formula after the holidays!!

xoxo, Bee



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