10 Months Sans Facebook

Ten months….I went approximately 10 months without my Facebook and honestly those 10 months were AMAZING. Honestly I wouldn’t have reactivated that sucker if it hadn’t been such a huge communication key between myself and relatives…not to mention it will drive more traffic to the blog 😉 About a week after Shane left for basic training is when I decided to deactivate it and be lost from the “world.” It’s so nice, not being involved in other people’s lives, and at the same time they aren’t involved in mine.

Instead of staying glued to my phone, I was constantly out and about, mostly working out and doing pole and when I wasn’t there I was reading or doing projects or cleaning/cooking. It was pretty bad actually, I remember my sister and mother freaking out after realizing I no longer had a Facebook. A phone call confirmed that I was in fact not dead…it’s unfortunately really sad that so many things work through Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the benefits of it, but at the same time it’s nice to hear that so and so passed away from a phone call instead of reading about it through Facebook. (Yes, a situation like that actually happened) So of course for me, not having a FB, I wouldn’t find out for weeks.

There were moments when I was searching for a business or a certain place and they would ONLY have a FB page, which of course I could not view. BEYOND RIDICULOUS. I still have moments where I want to deactivate it again, it’s just so peaceful not hearing/reading people’s everyday dramas, or being tagged in a status and brought into said drama. If I could solely create a FB page designated for my blog I would, but you need to have a personal login in order to create one…oh the world we live in!

I could bash on FB all day long if I wanted to, but I know some people genuinely love it, and I don’t judge them for that. Life without Facebook was awesome, quiet, blissful, but at all times oblivious. Half the time when I would receive a phone call the entire conversation was steered back towards FB…even if you don’t have one, everyday conversations are BASED off of the things we see on our news feed! Apparently this is what communication has come to, I miss calling people and having to memorize their numbers because you never had a pen on you. I appreciate smart phones, apps, and am a HUGE advocate for all things new and technologically advanced, but to me FB is a step backwards in terms of communicating with another human being. In the next five years we are going to have some seriously socially deprived people in this world.

For now I’ll keep it activated, but who knows I may deactivate it by the end of the month. Some people think their lives depend on it, well let me tell you I survived very happily without it for ten months. I’m sure you can do the same! Honestly I encourage you to take time away from it, if just for yourself, it’s one of the best things you can do. I know I’m not the only one who needs a break from everything! Plus without it, you come to realize just how creepy the concept of the “check-ins” are…I can’t believe I used to check-in at my own house in Florida…EVERYONE CAN VIEW THAT!! It’s got to be one of the most un-safe aspects that FB has to offer.

While my FB is active at the moment, I don’t expect it will last too much longer. I’m already due for another break 😉

xoxo, Bee


7 thoughts on “10 Months Sans Facebook

    1. It’s hard for a lot of people, when you give yourself that “break” you really learn more about yourself, instead of seeing yourself through others. I’m glad the post made you think, it truly is a big reflection period.

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      1. Yeh it makes me think about giving it a go. I have a bad habit of looking at peoples pages who I dont like and becoming annoyed. Stupid really. Should spend more time doing productive and happy things


      2. It’s well worth it, even if just for a month. In that time span you just really find out who in your life actually matters as well, since you don’t spend all that time browsing people that you never got along with, you come to appreciate the people who take the time to talk to you without having a FB.

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