Organizing My Life

Tis’ the season to start cleaning, it seems like everyone I’ve spoken to as of late is either organizing or decorating a room this year. My mom is giving away items left and right, with my brother graduating this year they want to downsize, my friend Catherine (check out her blog here) has been painting and creating her office oasis, and then here I am…pinning all of the ideas I have for a future home.

Well this past weekend I was searching endlessly for some medicine – tis’ the season for the flu/cold as well, it has not been fun – I was completely fed up with the lack of organization in our medicine cabinet. On a whim, I just went on a complete organizing rampage, I still have a lot of other cabinets I want to tackle, such as the dreaded tupper-ware cabinet (UGH).20141207_092034_resized But honestly, I only got through two cabinets, my medicine and the baking cabinets and it’s the GREATEST feeling in the world.

Everyone knows that feeling I’m talking about, it’s the equivalent of buying a new pair of favorite jeans. You began so frustrated but then the outcome makes you sigh a breath of relief. Every time I open the cabinets now it’s just pure bliss and it only took me maybe an hour to complete both, it’s better than sitting on Pinterest looking at people’s organized homes and wishing my circumstances were different. Might as well make the change myself and with what I have right now, granted I didn’t go out and buy any fancy organizing cubbies, I created my own. I can beautify them if I want to, but what’s the point when I don’t own the place and who really ends up looking in the cabinets? The three people who live there, that’s who. I’m not trying to win any home awards or make a fancy statement, I just wanted some organization to the chaos.

Of course the first step to organizing ANYTHING, is to completely gut whatever it is you are working on. It’s really mind blowing how much crap you can accumulate, and turns out you end up finding like 5 of the same bottles (Advil)…money wasted. I need to apparently take better inventory of the meds20141207_094749_resized I do have as well, so I chose a method that allows me to view everything in plain sight in the cabinet!

As you can see, I cut up a Ritz box to store all the gauze and bandages, a cereal box to line up all the tape and even more bandaging. Ziploc baggies also came in to play, what’s the use in keeping tarnished boxes? Just takes up more space than it’s worth. Oh, and just an FYI we have all of the bandages because Clay worked at the hospital and somehow it always came home with him. At least we’re overly prepared!

From what I learned looking at organizing methods through Pinterest is that you can’t copy someone else’s ways to organize. We each have our own habits and preferences of doing things. What works for me may not work for someone else and that’s okay.

As for me, this works out! The list is endless still for what needs to be done around my house!20141207_104008_resized I’m sure the majority of  you have a list of your own! Let this be part of the inspiration to get your life organized! Trust me, the cabinets are just a small portion of what I still need to do to get everything else going on in order! In no way am I perfect…this baking cabinet sure is though 😉

Enjoy your Tuesday!

xoxo, Bee



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