Throwback Thursday: Cinnamon-Crumble Banana Bread

Another recipe to add to the list on this wonderful Throwback Thursday! I made this dish alongside the Broccoli and Cheese Soup for my friend’s going away party! I miss her 😦 But on a lighter note, I’ve made this Cinnamon-Crumble Banana Bread SO many times it’s unreal. The boys LOVE it and it’s a great recipe to use until my grandma relinquishes her version to me….very old fashioned and won’t give me any of the family recipes until Shane and I are married…hmpf.

I guess that’s fine, just makes me want them even more, part of that whole American movement..or a two year old in general. Not letting me have it right now and all that jazz, guess I am a two-year old…huh…eh, I knew that. I still have a weird obsession with watching the classic Disney movies on VHS and I may or may not sing-along with them. I am NOT ashamed and I will one day become a mermaid. You just wait! To prove it, here’s Leia watching Beauty and the Beast…it’s her favorite 🙂 It might actually be a problem if each of my dogs has their own favorite Disney movie…2014-12-04 09.24.57_resized

Anyways, check out the new recipe! And have a happy Thursday everyone! It’s almost Friday!

xoxo, Bee


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