My Poisoned Week

This past week I missed my Throwback Thursday post, so I am very sorry for that, but in all honesty there was just no way I could write on Thursday. It had to be one of the most stressful, uncomfortable, and just absolute worst weeks that I have endured in a long long time. I figured it would be nice to just lay it out day-by-day, mostly because I feel the need to vent about my problems, make someone else feel better about their day and be grateful that this just wasn’t them. I left off on Tuesday, it was pretty basic of a week by Tuesday….then Wednesday hit and it all just went downhill from there.


It was a great day honestly, I didn’t have to go in to work because I was taking my notary class, that work paid for AND I got paid still for being in the class. DOUBLE WIN! Well Leia (my little pittie/boxer mix) had started getting sick. She was throwing up and not keeping any food down, we figured it was just a bug and just babied her a bit to try and appease her, see if we couldn’t cure the symptoms ourselves. Well dinner time comes and we decide to go out for dinner…NEVER AGAIN. We went to Twin Peaks – if you aren’t familiar it is basically a restaurant like Hooters, Wing House, or Tilted Kilt. I have only been there one other time and it wasn’t that great, but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and just ordered something different than last time….it was just absolutely terrible. Honestly I don’t even think they gave me what I ordered, but anyways we get home and I feel awful. Leia was still sick, and by Midnight I joined her in sickness….FOOD POISONING. The absolute worst experience of my life, I was up for a straight 12 hours, I slept on our bathroom floor, if you can even count an hour at a time to be sleep. Needless to say I texted my boss at like 3 and 7 in the morning, telling him there was no way I was coming in to work.


Food poisoning is something I don’t think I would ever wish on my worst enemies, it’s worse than the world’s worst hangover times ten. If any of you know what I am talking about then you know. I swore off of eating out completely after this experience. Anyways, I got super dehydrated and it was impossible to even get any fluids in my body because they just came right back up. Not to mention sleeping on the bathroom floor was just absolutely freezing. It was a very uncomfortable night, but on the bright side by about noon the vomiting began to subside. I wish I could say the same for my little Leia though. We were two peas in a pod Thursday, if someone came into the house they would have thought a bomb of infections had gone off from how pathetic we all probably looked. Staying home from work, I wish I could say I enjoyed myself, it was miserable. Not to mention I was completely weak from no food and no fluids staying in my system, then trying to take care of one sick dog and two others who just wanted to play. Hence why there was no Throwback Thursday post.


Finally Friday, I should have been more excited, I was still exhausted from lack of sleep the day before and still kind of off. I had rice for dinner Thursday, but that was it. Food was not a priority of mine. Well I get back to work and completely forgot I was supposed to go to Raleigh to pick up some permits, so with a quick check of emails off to Raleigh I went. Of course at first I didn’t mind because at least I wasn’t sitting in the office…but it was 3 hours to get there, then three back, on top of that my boss tried getting me to turn around and go back while I was ALREADY DRIVING BACK….if any of you are in the corporate world, then you know that your bosses just work off their own time so by the time he called me he had just gotten into the office. I was not turning around, so guess who gets to drive all the way back up there again this week!?! Yeah, so exciting. Well that’s not the worst part yet, I get home finally and go to let the dogs out. Leia had an accident in her kennel that consisted completely of blood. I waited for Clay to get home and showed him as well, we went out to get groceries shortly after and stopped at a vet hospital to talk to them about what we found. (I don’t trust her normal vet…) 20141121_193030_resizedThey told us it was up to us but that we should take her to an actual specialist because they would be able to determine exactly what was wrong….so off the to vet ER we went with Leia. She is by far the most lovable dog in the world, even sick she doesn’t act it unless it’s really bad and is excited to meet everyone. Well like any ER it takes FOREVER, we got there around five and were there until about 8:30 pm. By the end of the appointment they discovered that on top of being super dehydrated, her liver was completely inflamed, and three times the enzyme count (whatever that is) than normal. She ended up having to stay overnight hooked up to antibiotics and IV fluids. 😦


It was an exhausting night for me, she has never been gone from me, at least not to the vet or boarding. The only time we have been a part was when they were still with my parents when we first moved up here. By seven in the morning I got a call saying that she did very well throughout the night, with no vomiting or diarrhea, thank God. They were scheduled to check her liver again at noon. We spent the afternoon cleaning and running more errands, finally by about 2:30 pm we could finally pick her up. To say 20141122_143654_resizedthis was expensive is an understatement, thankfully they calculated in more treatments that were just in case scenarios that got deducted and the only thing I ended up paying for by the time we got her was her antibiotics, having paid the large sum the night before. She was out of it all Saturday, just sleeping on and off, very calm for her normal personality, threw up her food again. But it was to be expected, she didn’t really want to eat in the first place. I was just grateful that she was home and that she wasn’t dying, because of course every worst case scenario ran through my head during this whole process.


Leia finally kept food down, she was more up-beat and hyper and we could finally rest easy knowing that the antibiotics were beginning to work. We spent the majority of Sunday at home since it was raining all day. At least it was relaxing and I knew the food I was eating was made by my own hands and I wouldn’t go through another episode.

That brings us to today, always sucks. I still have to pick which day I am going to Raleigh, more than likely tomorrow, but my little Leia is so much better. I have never been more thankful than I am this Thanksgiving. It takes those thoughts of the worst case scenarios to really snap you into reality and be grateful that everything is slowly getting better, and didn’t get worse. Not to mention I can hopefully eat some delicious Thanksgiving delicacies…it is after all my favorite holiday…mostly because I’m a fatty.

xoxo, Bee


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