Rental Rant

Renting has to be the worst thing in the world, at least for us it seems. Some people can do a rental no problem and end up having an awesome company who sticks to their lease contracts. But no, we never are able to find the ones that do. But buying isn’t really an option for us right now what with the wedding and every penny I have is going towards doctor’s bills, a credit card (thank god just one), and just being able to live. No money can be set aside right now in order to save up for a down payment. Even the wedding expenses are too much for us to really wrap our heads around right now.

It’s understandable that I try to save money where I can when it comes to groceries and miscellaneous expenses, as shown here.

Every rental company we seem to have had doesn’t come and fix what breaks as shown in their lease agreements. Our sink pipes are always leaking, we have put in a request every month for the past 9 months…the requests sit there in cyber world just pending. Mind you we are renting through an actual BIG company, not anything like postlets or an outside landlord. This is an established company and you would think they would handle it more professionally but they just don’t. Not to mention my biggest concern is mold forming where all that water leaks, that’s a safety issue for US since we live there. It might not be for them, but I’m going to make sure the next people going into that house KNOW about it, since the rental company doesn’t seem too concerned with it.

I watch HGTV, I see what is really behind people’s walls when they start doing demos, and even though our unit was built in the mid 2000’s I know this house wasn’t built to code. Our leaking pipes show that fact, but it’s not our job to make those repairs. On top of the actual home issues, they switched up their online payment website to a dodgy and glitched up POS and are now claiming that we didn’t pay rent this month. Online you can’t see a payment pending, you can’t see ANYTHING. But I have my receipt in my email showing that a payment was made, yet the money still hasn’t been drafted. So here I sit on the phone, for the past 40 minutes trying to get a hold of someone to no avail.

I hate renting, just absolutely hate it, people are cheats and liars and no one ever sticks to their contracts these days. On top of that it’s just overpriced and honestly I would rather live in a shitty small apartment saving money than wasting it away on this POS house that is more than guaranteed to have mold. I just cannot subject my three furbabies to that confined of a space when they have a yard to run around in now….OH which we installed the fence as well for the property. Which upped our rent because of the addition WE MADE, when our whole agreement with the company was that it wouldn’t. But alas, another lie.

I’m in rental hell, depressed knowing that every month’s rent that we have paid for the past year would equal an amazing down payment on a house….and there’s still no answer. AWESOME, hope ya’ll are having a better Friday than I am.



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