10 Reasons Why I Hate the Super Bowl

I’m not trying to be a pessimist or anything, and even though my team wasn’t in the Super Bowl, and hasn’t been since 1977- sad face – I still wouldn’t put that much excitement into it. I mean last night’s game was a complete slaughter and to be completely honest I only watch it for the commercials and to eat some amazing food with friends. Not to mention wait and see if we get another “nip slip” incident, which I regretfully missed. Needless to say I was quite impressed with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the halftime performance, I am not that big of a Bruno fan but jeez he can really bring it on stage! Besides these facts that make the Super Bowl bearable, here are the reasons why I hate the “Big Game.”

1. The constant memes that will show up for weeks on social media about how poorly the losing team played.

2. Everyone’s opposing opinions on how they felt about the halftime show.

3. The traffic to get ANYWHERE before the game starts.

4. The few commercials that are truly horrible, such as that coke commercial. They made it pretty good at first with the whole patriotic vibe and an example of a gay couple…then completely butchered the concept by putting the anthem in a different language. To me it seems insulting, not only for us but for the other countries, this is AMERICA’s anthem and yes we have a lot of different cultures here now, but that’s just it, we still have to maintain our own. We have been doing too much converting lately and I’m ending this rant now before  I get off topic.

5. Those extra pounds gained from a mix of alcohol and finger foods.

6. The fact that I’m up until at least 11 and get home around midnight, then have to work in the morning….it would be a little different if the games were enjoyable, when most the time they never capture much of my interest.

7. Knowing that this game cost about $17.7 million, most of which is taxpayers money.

8. Just in general the magnitude of money put into this production should really be put to some other use, like I dunno a cure for cancer? Ending poverty? Reducing the nation’s debt? But what do I know, I’m no government official.

9. It’s nothing but a distraction for people, something to take our minds off everything else going on in the world.

10. Might as well break out the popcorn when you see a status dissing another person’s team, when you see a comment thread of about 40 you know you’re in for a good read. Just sit back and enjoy the banter at this point. Because you will be hearing it for the next week or so.


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