Enjoy the View

It is the end of the year and I have already developed my small Bucket List, that I can say I am quite proud of the results so far. I still have a ways to go, but even to have accomplished those small goals in the small amount of time since publishing the list, I am VERY optimistic for this year! One of the biggest things that I have noticed throughout this year since moving to North Carolina is that time is precious. The contrast between Florida and North Carolina is just unbelievable. I went from moving in fast forward to taking my time and enjoying the little things in life. In Florida everyone is in a hurry, from the lunatics on the road to rushing into marriages and having kids, from graduating school, rushing to get into the real world. I guess my outlook is a little different from the people who were once my peers because I have already embraced the real world about two years ago.

Regardless of that fact, North Carolina has really opened my heart and my eyes to a whole different way of life. Friends and family from Florida can’t think this way anymore, and even the way I explain it to them just frightens them off. I am not in school right now, I am in the process of getting there, but in this time away from school I have gotten to reflect on the things in life that matter most to me. Having fun doing things that do not involve alcohol, spending quality time at home just relaxing, the pure thrill from wearing sweatpants and not having to wear a bra for an entire day, the lack of makeup and heat products I have had to use, the nonexistent stress levels, and simply enjoying the company of nature. Since my life has “slowed down” since moving up here, it gave me time to actually reflect on what I want to accomplish in my lifetime, what I want to do career wise, and realize that just because everyone else is getting married and having kids, I do not need to be on that same level.

No, I am not a single girl that is out doing crazy things, I still come home to a man that I know is there for me through thick and thin. We do not need a piece of paper to signify our love for one another, we can take our time, we can take vacations, enjoy each others company and not have any interruptions. While we have bills to pay and goals still to reach, we have the privilege of reaching them together, supporting one another every step of the way. Yes, I am like any other girl who dreams of weddings and all of the details to go with one, but I am only 21 years old! I discovered that I first want to establish myself, be more and all that I can be for MYSELF before I “settle down” and start a family.

This year I will embrace my surroundings and push myself to my very limits. After all, I love school and when attempting a medical career path, you need to love it 😉

Nature hike through the Blue Ridge Mountains a few months back
Nature hike through the Blue Ridge Mountains a few months backIMAG0091



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