The Big Gift Reveal

So I am terrible when it comes to patience and I decided it is close enough to come out and share what I got for Christmas this year! As most of you already know Shane and I are huge adoption advocates when it comes to animals. We got our first dog about a year and a half ago together in Florida from the Humane Society, I fell in love with her that day. It was complete chance that we even ended up there that day and even bigger chance that I didn’t even see her on the first walk through. But on the way back to the entrance to leave I saw her, and it was love at first sight. Whiskey was 4 months old at the time, Shane and our now roommate Clay (who was visiting us in Florida) and I pulled her out to get to know her and we never put her back behind those kennel bars. Maybe one of  these days I will give you a back-story on each of our babies, but I will warn it is a story that will completely break your hearts.



But to get back on track, about 9 months later we got another visit from some more of our friends from North Carolina to Florida. They had just adopted their first as well and we started browsing craigslist. They wanted a full-blooded pittbull, so we found a place in Orlando that had puppies. The place was rundown – of course – and when we walked to the backyard there were literally puppies everywhere! It was overwhelming, but needless to say we weren’t expecting to be leaving with a second dog. Leia was the last of the boxer-pitt litter and she wasn’t even the first one we picked up. Shane had picked up a little silver boy full pittbull, I was just watching all of the puppies scrambling around our feet when I saw a tiny brindle with the cutest ears I think I have ever seen. We left with our little princess and our friends left with their full pittbull – who was also a brindle.



Now for my present this year, we were in no means wanting another dog whatsoever. Shane and I made a pact that the next dog we got would be a German Shephard and no other. I have always wanted a husky, I think they are a gorgeous dog and I love German’s as well. One of our friends up here knew that finding a German would be the exception to the rule, and behold our little boy Bear! The best thing about him is that he is a rescue, but he is also a German Shephard – Husky mix! The best of both worlds and we still got to adopt and give an amazing boy a loving home. Again, maybe one of these days a back-story is due for all of my babies, but this week with Christmas I am thankful to just be able to give endless love to those I care about, and give my babies the chances they all deserved. Merry Christmas everyone!!




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