Just Isn’t For Me Anymore

So for those of my avid readers, I posted yesterday how I took a second job as a waitress again at Hooters, and last night was SUPPOSED to be my first night – well training – all over again. After I got off work at my full time job, went home and started doing my normal routine I started thinking more and more about what I was getting myself into. The more involved I got with getting myself all hyped up about working there again, the less I wanted to actually go through with it. It wasn’t just because I am completely overwhelmed with work already, it’s because of the aspects of serving. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure serving at some places isn’t as bad, but a Hooters….let me just give you a few reasons why I decided not to go in last night and declined the job offer.

1) Customer service is not all bad, but when the majority of the foot traffic are men, women tend to make assumptions and automatically hate your very existence. Granted the image has changed somewhat, more families are coming in nowadays, but it’s still that underlying notion that the women at the tables you are serving think what you’re doing is a complete disgrace. Some have come around more and realized that it is a restaurant and not a “titty bar.”

2) Being a Hooters Girl means looking the part of a barbie doll, literally. Makeup is NOT optional, and neither is having magnificent hair. Yes I am a woman so every once in a while I like to get all dressed up and look nice. But when it comes to spending an hour or more making yourself looking presentable just for work, I forgot how much that annoyed me. I don’t mind a little makeup, but my hair is finally healthy and strong, I am not about to sacrifice that because I am required to style it with heat products four out of the seven days a week.

3) The uniform is horrendous. To me at least I feel like the uniform is getting outdated, not to mention it is unbelievably uncomfortable! I went through that age where wearing tight and revealing clothes was the “cool” thing to do, nowadays my style is more loose fitting and flowing. It’s not that I am fat by any means, I just don’t want to flaunt my goods all the time, if you catch my drift. I want people respecting me for my ideas and work ethic, not my body.

4) Working there, as I stated is more male traffic than women. You are therefore required to always smile and never get angry or flip out over the fact that you are constantly being hit on. You have to always uphold the image and it gets to be downright exhausting. Don’t even get me started on how many times I have been groped at just walking by some tables, the kicker here is that you cannot do anything about it. Besides asking the customer nicely to please stop, and it more than often NEVER works. I don’t know about you, but I am a ticking time bomb, and poor Shane felt my wrath on a daily basis. Since I can’t scream about it at work, I got to hold it in until I got home and then explode.

5) Being a server, you have your good nights and your bad nights. Some nights you will walk out with close to $100 or more in your pocket, which is what started to pull me back in. I mean who doesn’t want to make an extra $100 a night?? But then you more than often have your bad days, where you will be there for about an hour because the traffic flow is so slow and you leave with an hour of hourly wage under your belt and maybe $10 if you’re lucky. I have stayed before for an entire shift, about five hours and made roughly $20. Those nights aren’t even worth it! I mean do the math, when you are making $2 – $4 (depending on where you live) an hour, are there for five hours, and leave with an extra $20 in hand??? That’s $30 – $40. Some of you may be thinking well that’s actually not so bad….well both are taxed. Reality check.

6) The hours at restaurants in general are terrible, I mean at least Hoots is only open until midnight. Where others are open until 1 or 2 in the morning, and some 24 hours. It’s just unkind and unnatural. I can’t really say much since I am guilty to going to McDonald’s or something at like 4 in the morning or earlier when I used to be out all night. But now I just think of the poor suckers who have to be working at that hour…to me it just seems cruel. No way in hell I could ever do that. I need my regular 8-9 hours of sleep every night or I am one unhappy camper.

7) Catering to a person’s every need is HARD. You will get the tables where people are an absolute delight, the ones who are just easy and fun to joke with and have easy conversations….then you have the complete assholes (please excuse my language). The women who are pissed off because there husbands dragged them to Hooters because they wanted some good wings, not necessarily to check out all of the waitresses. The men who aren’t happy with their “service” and somehow believing the rumors about Hooters being a “titty bar.” I have seen all kinds of customers in my time as a server, they occur at all restaurants and people you are all picky and just remember the quote from the movie Waiting, “do not fuck with the people who handle your food.”

I could go on with reasons why serving at Hooters just isn’t for me anymore, but at this point I just want to clarify that I am not in any way bashing Hooters name. I love the food, I love the girls who work there, I am simply giving an informative inside look to what it is like being an ex-Hooters girl. I thought I would go in again and just love it, be able to handle the crazy hours and customers. After further thought and a conversation with my mother, also enlightening from Shane; I remembered all of the good times at first. But the bad seemed to outweigh the good, I simply didn’t want to endure the stress again, the constant guilt trips, and the exhaustion that would come out of it. Hooters did me a lot of good in the past, but I just don’t see it in my future anymore. Working there definitely shaped who I am today, but I feel like I need to move forward, and if I went back to Hooters it would be a huge leap backwards. I am one to embrace the future and let go of the past. So with that I am letting go of my Hooters days for good.


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