Tis’ The Season

Christmas is coming, at least I feel like- for the most part- I have gotten the gifts I need to, but when it comes to time I am now completely out of spare time. Not to mention suffering from a huge writing block ever since the start of this month. Things are getting so hectic, which is understandable around holiday times. Deadlines at work are due before the end of the year, I just started a second job to make some extra “fun” cash, and Shane is working two jobs as well. To say we don’t see each other often is an understatement. Not to mention my early Christmas present that Shane and our roommate pitched in to get me requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. We will get to that in a few 😉 I am in need of a good holiday rant right about now so here it goes:

1) I am now a Hooters Girl again (woohoo! – major sarcasm) I thought it would be the easiest job to get back into and be able to control my schedule the best. Guess we will find out, what really blows is having to go through training all over again and try to track down my servsafe certification. For those of you who have no idea what that is, it’s basically my license to be able to serve alcohol and food to customers. All waiters/waitresses are required to have this….I just refuse to sit through the four hour class again. No thank you, it’s bad enough I have to be “trained” again when it is all drilled into my brain for the rest of my life.

2) Shane may be leaving at the beginning of January for basic training for two months….what am I going to do in that time period?!? Well, hence the second job. I need something to occupy my time and make the days go by faster. I am in no way a needy girl, I quite enjoy my alone time, but it’s going to bed every night and not having him by my side that will really screw me up. Bring on the sleepless nights!

3) As always family drama’s are a given around this time of year, well for the past few weeks my Great Grandmother has gotten very ill and I want to be able to visit her in case anything goes wrong within the next few months. I have not experienced a death in my family since I was about five years old, I am not psychologically prepared to be given this burden on top of everything else. It would be nice to get to Minnesota and see her before it’s too late. I know that’s a terrible outlook right now and I probably sound like a pessimist, but since her surgery failed, and family members keep lying to us about her true conditions, I need to see her for myself at this point. Family has become the most important thing to me as I get older, and I just miss my relatives.

4) If getting a second job isn’t stressful enough, having my first job is even worse right now. It is major deadlines month, I am the manager when it comes to getting these deadlines completed. Those of you in a business like mine with meeting – unbelievably ridiculous – deadline amounts know my struggles. Plus everyday now I am required to be on a conference call until the end of the year, even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am beyond pissed off, especially since each call is the same conversation over and over again. Add in having to somehow make it to a second job with a smile on my face and hair and makeup all done?! I don’t know what I was thinking honestly.

Since this post is running long I will do a separate post about my beloved Christmas present 😉 maybe today….I might make ya’ll wait until Christmas! Maybe if you’re good I’ll let you unwrap this one on Christmas Eve!

Tis’ the season!

xoxo Brenna

This is our small little hometown up top! At the bottom are our first home decorations for Xmas!
This is our small little hometown up top! At the bottom are our first home decorations for Xmas!



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