Cyber Monday Madness

Christmas is right around the corner already, and I am completely wigged out by that! I feel like with each year I get older time moves much faster, I am not liking this at all. Basically since Shane joined the National Guard, things have been just moving at top speeds, sooner than I am even prepared for he will be off to training and I won’t even know what to do with myself. I feel like money is tight in every household this year, what with a government shutdown and the economy in the state it’s in. Since I do not want to dwell on my money woes I will tell you of my depression when it comes to “Cyber Monday.” This is seriously the most brilliant thing I have ever heard of! I have never actually gotten into the whole ordeal, thinking shopping online would be so much harder than finding things in the stores. WRONG!

I took part in Black Friday with my mother and sister in Florida when we were down for Thanksgiving. Never again. The “deals” are not really deals at all, it’s a lot of false advertisement and for lack of descriptions, just total bull shit. I thought I would get way better deals, but god forbid you do not read the small print underneath the ginormous 50% off signs all over the store! For example, I went to Gander Mountain, doing this exact thing. Grabbing things left and right because they were – what I thought at the time – half off. WRONG again. Getting up to the register with my items, they start checking me out and I literally about blew up right then and there. Apparently the fine print reads, “priced as marked.” So I am here thinking that the sticker price is an additional 50% off. -_- Let me just tell you that so far what I have seen for deals on Cyber Monday have been so much better than Black Friday sales! Not to mention you can sit at home and not endure the incessant lines and brutal people.

As for my now depression, of course I do not have money to be spent on Cyber Monday, having spent all of my money on bills, and some Black Friday shopping. If only it were next week! These sales all run too closely together. Well…I guess there is always next year. You live and learn. Cyber Monday seems to be the way to go.


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