Flashback Friday

Today I find myself reminiscing back to 2011 when I was really adamant about free lance modeling. To be perfectly honest, I have been trying to get into the modeling world for about 6 years. It all started when I was 16, I randomly did one of the mall subscriptions that people never actually get into, well of course I got a call and they wanted me to come in. So, I had to do a photo shoot for them, then perform a little commercial skit, just the basics. Well then they held my pictures hostage until my mom paid the money for the “comp” cards, that the “agency” never really promoted to get me jobs, just get my money…at the time my parents’ money.

After high school I tried pursuing the dream once again, this time through Model Mayhem, a free lance model/photographer/stylist haven! I connected with many people and did a lot of TFP work. (Time for Print/Photography) They were never paid, although some projects were, and I was building my portfolio while photographers I connected with also built there own. I still attempted to get signed by an agency, running into scam after scam. I was invited by John Casablancas in Florida, as well as another that I forget the name even. I wrote both of these options off because they simply wanted my money, that I am not able to give. I am 21 years old now, and the  No Name agency that I cannot remember interviewed me just this past summer! But they all insist on classes…..SCAM!

I was ready to be put straight to work, but it seems that it is much harder to accomplish than I have ever anticipated. After we moved up to North Carolina, I was excited and pumped to make new connections through Model Mayhem, but ran into some real creeps in unfamiliar territory. It led to my deactivation of my profile, and each day I am sad over that fact. I thought this would be my move, my chance to really get going….well I came across Carolina Talent, submitted the needed information and got called in for a casting call! Hope was restored! The call went fantastic, I was awesome and showed myself, and I got accepted to move further with them in terms of a contract…

Too good to be true. Spoke too soon. After reading the email about the photo shoot they wanted to schedule me for in December to get me started, I come to the bottom of the seven pages and find that I would have to pay roughly $600 just to “market” myself. I am no fool, and for those of you who do not know, yes it is good to market yourself but you are not supposed to pay for it. The agency who wants to represent you is in charge of that expense, seeing as the more jobs they are supposed to book you for, that beginning cost would eat itself. Just another scam out of people’s pockets. I am back to square one…maybe even negative one, since I do not even have my freelance page anymore. I am not one to give up so easily…but still a very discouraged not so awesome flashback Friday.

Honestly, I think I have what it takes!

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