A Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for all that you have done for this country, and I mean that literally. We as a nation have never needed to be any stronger than we are today, and that is all thanks to you. With the new “Obamacare” that you have implemented, the higher taxes, the constant reforms, the political injustices, we have struggled and scrounged just to make ends meet for the past six years under your immoral vigilance. You may not realize this or care, but I am a nobody, I am a taxpayer, full-time worker and financially unsound student. There are many things that I have had to sacrifice under your reign of presidency. Realize instead of candidacy, I say reign; because you seem to think you are above all Americans. We are not your equals as our forefathers intended for us to be, we are the society that you crave to rule and invoke terror into our hearts until our spirits are broken. While you take endless vacations and further our impending debts, your “people” are barely making it by. With jobs fluctuating daily with no guarantee of money to provide for ourselves, let alone those who have children, you are killing your country before the ground you walk upon and expect us to grovel at your feet to make it all better. If higher taxes and low job possibilities weren’t enough, now you have added a healthcare plan that no American citizen can afford. But it seems you have even solved that problem, since we cannot pay for our own health insurance you intend to take the money for this “luxury” out of our yearly tax breaks. From where I am sitting, beloved President, most people would like to use that money towards putting food on the table, if only for a week or two, paying rent, keeping a roof over our families heads, paying off our own personal debts. In fact, your health care prices are so out of reach for the majority of the country, that we cannot even fathom giving up that much of our paycheck when we need it just to survive.

What have you done for us so far in your six years as our President? I haven’t seen one “Change” that has benefited us throughout the entire reign. Does that ring a bell, “Change”? Yes, well it should, since that was how you obtained the presidency in 2008. You are very good with words Mr. President did you know that? But unlike the many uneducated votes that led to your position, I do not buy into the smooth-talking, vindicating pathos that you try to portray yourself to be so akin to. In fact, I may be so bold as to call you a liar Mr. President. I may have not been able to vote in 2008, but trust me when I say I tried my hardest to rid you of office in the elections of 2012.

Did you know that in 2008, I was often-times called a racist because I did not want you to become our president? Yes, it’s very true. To think that race was one of the biggest factors that led to your big win, and this so called “Change” that you implied. Sir, I am no racist, I am simply educated. Which many of my fellow student body did not understand at that time and age. I did not agree with you then, and I do not agree with you now, and it has nothing to do with the color of your skin. It is in your character, it is in your  manipulative words, it is in your communist ways that I do not believe in, that I do not see “Change,” that I refuse to succumb to the socialist society that you insist on creating.

A word to the wise Mr. President, the people still stand, the people still rule. We the people are struggling no thanks to you, but we won’t give up. We have much more to lose than you do.


A Concerned Citizen


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