Do you ever just have those days where you zone out and your mind makes up this whole series of events that leaves you shaking and doing things a whole lot differently? Well, for me, today is one of those days. For some reason mine does it more so when I am driving than any other time. Driving is a second nature but sometimes I get these bad vibes from the drivers around me. This morning on my way to work it happened while I was passing a semi-truck at a red light. I kept envisioning this semi plowing into the side of the truck. (I am driving Shane’s truck to work today) Honestly because of the thoughts this morning, I was grateful to be driving something with more muscle behind it than my usual Honda Civic, better chance of surviving in the heavy truck than that little aerodynamic car.

It was unnerving, and it’s happened to me plenty of times before, but it completely changes my attitude while driving, and how cautious I am. I’ve seen a semi completely take out a car before, dragging it against the concrete…all because the semi didn’t see the little car pull out. I’ve seen plenty of accidents, and avoided many as well. Tickets though, I haven’t avoided those very well, and let me tell you crying does not always work. Just food for thought.

This morning was just a premonition, but thank god the semi didn’t pull out when he did, although the rocking back and forth at the red light really had me sketched out; enough (clearly) to see a series of events occur, that thankfully didn’t. Let’s just say I will be driving like an old grandma for the rest of today.


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