Books Into Movies

Lately I have been going through books like I go through underwear, literally. I finish a book a day it seems now, and I don’t know whether that is a good or a bad thing. Normally my reasons behind reading are stress-related events and my escape from reality, and in other words they bring me comfort from my own thoughts. Within the past month so many things are happening and everything is moving so quickly I can’t seem to get a grasp on my own reality so I have been staying absorbed in my books. At least, a book was great and amazing and all things beautiful until I watch the movie after finishing the book and it ruins all of the simplicity of that awesome book. Some movies can deliver, I mean look at the Harry Potter series, they didn’t do so bad considering all of the details put into those novels. (Yes, I have read the series about 5 times) Lately I have been obsessing over my Nicholas Sparks books, I mean who can blame me after I went and met him at his signing! Back on point though, I have seen almost every movie that has accompanied his books at this point and time. I won’t deny that there are a few that I think are spot on and go very well with the book, and others I just want to rewind and pretend I never saw that movie. Let’s see, out of all of his books to movies these are my favorite: Safe Haven, The Last Song, and of course The Notebook, then A Walk to Remember. Safe Haven was not only a great book, but the movie went amazingly with what I pictured in my mind. This past week I finished the novel, The Lucky One, also by Nicholas Sparks. That same night I finished the book I watched the movie which I had recorded a couple weeks ago. Okay, Zac Efron is uber gorgeous, but the movie didn’t meet my expectations at all. The book was so much more exciting and full of so much potential for the movie! I was completed disappointed after watching it! I still am upset over it. Not even the fact that I know that a majority of these movies aren’t actually filmed in North Carolina, which is a crime in itself, but just don’t let me know where it actually is. Louisiana? Gross. No offense to anyone who lives there or loves it in the state, I am just a fan of the truth behind a book. To some of you my rant will probably just be that. A rant. My point in this whole spiel is just that some movies completely ruin a book, even the Twilight books for instance. Everyone always makes fun of the series, but I personally loved it…the movies though, not so much. I still have seen every single one, but the books capture a better image than the one portrayed on the big screen. Although infuriating, I guess that’s just how it goes. You win some, you lose some. I would rather pick up the book again and relive that imagery. But maybe I’m just old fashioned.



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