First-Time for Everything

I am twenty-one years old and until last night I have never officially carved my own pumpkin. I know, crazy weird right? Growing up in Minnesota as a kid, I do not remember once being able to carve a pumpkin, considering by October 31st you are dressed up in a costume underneath about four layers of jackets, boots, and gloves. The weather basically didn’t permit a typical child’s pumpkin experience. It was pointless to carve a pumpkin living there, it would either rot because of the severe weather instantly or freeze, depending on how cold it would get. Honestly I only remember one specific Halloween living there, and since no one ever saw my costume I wore the same Angel costume for about four years. It was dark and sleeting this night that I remember, but I was determined to get at least some candy, but no one was out. What a waste of an awesome holiday. No decorations were ever really put up, they just got covered in whatever mother nature had to offer that year. Sometimes I forget I even came from Minnesota, it seems to be a time so far away now, and I really do not miss it. The only things I miss are my relatives, which we try to see every year. I was too young to make any life long friends, and my memories of that era fade with every year. The times I remember Minnesota now are on our family vacations to see everyone.

But anyways, last night Shane and our roommate finally got me into some Halloween spirit. They went out and bought us each a huge pumpkin and they taught me everything there is to carving a pumpkin. No carving kits either, we did this all free handed and with regular old kitchen knives. It was no picnic, and I didn’t realize how gruesome the whole process is. Of course since it was my first time they gave me the biggest and heaviest pumpkin they bought. Being new at this I didn’t know this meant more seeds and guts to dispose of, they both had a good laugh at that. While we all cleared our pumpkins out, I became so frustrated because they both had completely cleared out their insides and mine was like an overgrown cavern still on the sides. But, I persevered and it came time for the actual design – as if the triangle top wasn’t hard enough already!

Feeling my creative juices finally flowing, I chose a Jack Skellington face that I found on Google. They both criticized saying it would be too hard but I thought it was an awesome idea and stuck with it. Our roommate is somewhat of a free hand artist and he drew the outline on the pumpkin for me, and I set to work. Shane finished his first, and I continued on mine. It took me a long time, but while they left for the gym I stayed home and finished my masterpiece. The mouth was terrible to do but once I got into the groove it was a walk in the park. I was too excited once it was done I wanted to test them out to see how it looked with the candle inserted. Below is my first EVER carved pumpkin! I am very proud of myself to say the least.

Here is my Jack Skellington! My first carved pumpkin!!
Here is my Jack Skellington! My first carved pumpkin!!
And we can't forget Shane's goofy pumpkin!
And we can’t forget Shane’s goofy pumpkin!

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