Trapped In Time

I apologize to my readers in advance for my lack of attention that you all have been experiencing the past week or so. It’s not that I have been neglecting to write per say, but I have more so been avoiding my own self convictions. I think I am ready now to come to terms with those thoughts and feelings I have been having as of late. You see, I have lost faith in the world we live in. It is hard to focus on anything else important to myself personally when I hear the news, see friends and family members who are being effected by the government shutdown. I know we have had approximately 17 government shutdowns in the past, but the last one I was too young to know what was really happening. I just think it’s weird, that President Obama’s supporter Bill Clinton, was President during our last government shutdown….some role model.

Once again, I hate politics, I want nothing to do with them, which is why I often times look over the big picture, but you see we all need to do that. When it comes to politicians, they only give you a glimpse of what is really happening, using big words and fake charisma’s. You see, I look at the details, because the truths are in those details. The population’s ignorance is just the tipping point for me in this whole ordeal and we all need to wake up! Seriously people, WAKE THE HELL UP! Instead of running your mouths about things that you barely understand, do your research. It’s not hard, but apparently too much to ask. I watched the video from Jimmy Kimmel and the public’s response to the difference between Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act. If you have not seen this video, then you need to watch it, it will really open your eyes to people’s ignorance. It just thrills me to know that America’s voters don’t even know what they are fighting for anymore. In some ways I don’t even know what to fight for in this country anymore.

There are so many cultures in this world that with all of the traveling and migrating that people are doing, America isn’t living up to her own culture anymore. Believe me when I say that everyone has a right to their own beliefs and ways of life, but as American’s at one point we did too. Sometimes I sincerely think to myself that I was born in the wrong generation. I was supposed to be born into the times where America came together as one and always stood behind her beliefs. A part of the times during the Civil War, when each side fought their hardest for what they believed in. A part of the times where we protected our country and our ways of life at all costs, because the Cause was greater than anything else. I know we are all immigrants to this beautiful land, but one thing I know we have lost culturally as Americans is our will to fight for our beliefs, stand up to our enemies, never lose hope to what is right.

Maybe I am just old fashioned and that is okay, because sometimes I think that the world needs more of that. When I see old clips, read an old book, it gives me a sense of pride in my country, but then I look at today and I lose it instantly. I know everyone today who was born in this country, they WANT to believe in the old ways. They WANT to believe that someone will stand up and finally bring justice and stand for what is right, a part of our past history that is trapped in time. Maybe that way of life is gone, but I refuse to believe that. If anyone is going to make a change in this country, it is us. The people. We have been beaten down before, both externally and internally, but we will always overcome as long as the people BELIEVE, as long as the people make a STAND.

All through my schooling years, I pledged allegiance to my flag, “of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all,” and today we can no longer do that without it becoming a public dispute. In most schools now, they do not even allow the pledge anymore. We stood at every football game to sing the Star Spangled Banner, and that is under dispute still to this day. I accept other cultures, I learn to abide by their customs, but I will show their country respect if I ever visit it, or if I am a guest in their homes…but here in America, why must we change our customs? Why must we change our histories to accommodate someone else? Why must we cower beneath our own government who no longer adheres to our countries birth right? We are the home of the free, home of the brave….I guess that was just a child’s dream. No, it must still be a dream, a hopeless belief in a culture that is trapped in a time that we can never regain.

Link to Jimmy Kimmel video:




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