Once Upon A Time: Fairytales Made Real

So a little fun fact about me is that I do not often get into TV shows, just haven’t gotten addicted to a show enough to actually keep up with the seasons, such as knowing the day and time they are on, when the new seasons start. The one exception to this is the show Once Upon A Time. For those of you familiar with the show, do not spoil the latest season for me! I just last night finished catching up on the last season on Netflix (thank God for Netflix by the way!). Let me tell you that this show always throws me for a curveball, not only because of the many changing faces of the characters, but the plot itself. In each episode it seems that new characters are either introduced, or you find out others are connected in some way. At times it can be quite challenging to keep up with all of the characters and the connections they each pose. What is even harder is trying to figure out who your favorite character is, and that is the hardest thing to do. Normally I can pick a character and say “that’s my favorite character.” But not with this show. You would think the fact that they are all fairytale characters would make it easier! But not with this show.

The characters aren’t the basic stories that we were told according to Disney, which I love Disney classics, another reason why I don’t understand why I love this show so much. Once Upon A Time doesn’t follow these classic story lines we all love and know so well, to an extent they will match up along the way, but never do they turn out how you were expecting. I believe this is my catching point, because I am so used to how the stories have been told, it is nice to see them in a different light, to see how the characters became who they are, to see their own back stories, Once you get over that mindset that these characters are different than the ones you grew up with, you can accept the show more readily. I know many people who cannot get into the show because they do not like to stray from the imagery they have set in their minds of characters, which I can understand completely. I always appreciate a good story, and this tale of Storybrooke is one I can just not miss.

Not to mention that each person has a second identity. it just makes them all more relate-able, and to know the truth behind some instances, you just want to scream at the TV and give them warning before Regina ruins another chance. Which surprising enough I think one of my favorite characters is Regina, or the Evil Queen. Before you go judging me off of your prejudices (those of you who haven’t seen the show) just hear me out. Regina has tried in the past to make amends, but the fates never work in her favor. Something always comes up that gets in the way of her becoming the good person that she once was. Temptations arise and she doesn’t trust her better judgement. I have the most respect for her as a character, especially because he mother was always the scheming and evil one behind all of her actions. I guess we are all suckers for the bad person striving to be good!

But seriously, this show is amazing and you all need to watch it. If not watch it at least read up on it and be open-minded, I know Shane won’t be….he’s addicted to American Horror Stories and the Walking Dead, but those are also two amazing shows so I won’t get on his case for it. Once Upon A Time not only satisfies my inner child, but also to relate to the heroes I grew up with, and knowing that they all held somewhat normal lives as well. Watch it! I plan to watch Once Upon A Time in Wonderland too!



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