Blogtember: Day Eighteen

Go to a coffee shop. Order a favorite drink. Write about what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Or write about anything you’d like! Bonus points for including a photo from the coffee shop.

So I have been putting off publishing the past two posts because I was going to try and go to a coffee shop this weekend and actually do this post the right way, but seeing as I am not a coffee fan I just kept pushing it back, and now I am behind and that is NOT OK! It is hard to complete a post in a different place, not that I couldn’t make the time to do it, but the only places really with free WiFi are coffee places or McDonald’s and seeing as I am on a strict no fat food diet, I opted out of either. Plus I know what you are probably thinking, who doesn’t like coffee?!? Well this girl. If I ever do drink coffee it’s frozen, but even so I am not an avid coffee drinker. My own parents think it’s weird, saying every college student drinks coffee….nope! I came to the conclusion my first semester of college that energy drinks work just as well – if not better – than coffee. Plus hot beverages make me sleepy, doesn’t matter what kind, I just always want to take a nap after drinking a hot liquid. The best part of energy drinks is you can still get a nap in after your surge of energy passes through, its actually a proven fact that periodic sleeping while studying helps you retain information faster. Don’t believe me? See the link below. But regardless now that I have made my spiel, I can catch up again!



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