Blogtember: Day Fourteen

React to this term: comfort.  (Finally I am up to date!)

Comfort can mean a lot of different things to people, it could be your most comfortable outfit, being with someone who brings you comfort, or even a pair of comfortable shoes. When I think of comfort, my mind always draws back to home. Home is where I am the most comfortable, where everything is in order the way I put it, where I can lounge on the couch with the dogs and watch a movie, just a place where it is my escape. Some people are not home bodies and I can understand that, because I never used to be one. When I lived with my parents until I was 19, I was NEVER home. I was always out and about, barely staying the night in my own bed. I believe our comforts change over time.

Even when Shane and I moved in together into our first apartment, it didn’t really feel like home. But neither did my parents house anymore, because Shane wasn’t there with me. I was most comfortable living with him. Moving into our second apartment, it was a little more like home, but not quite there. Now in our house, I really feel that sense of security and comfort that comes when you make something your own. Not just the fact that there is more room, but when I get home I know I can just relax. As I’ve gotten older, I have really became more of a home body, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

So comfort to me is the place where I can unwind and just have no worries, just embrace the rest of the day and relax with my loved ones. Not to mention wearing a big t-shirt and some sweatpants…that’s true happiness right there.


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