Blogtember: Day Eleven

A memory you would love to relive.

There seem to be many memories that I would like to relive, but one memory is my family’s trip to Captiva, Florida for one of my dad’s work conventions when I was sixteen. I remember this family trip more than most probably because it was my last with the family before I got to absorbed in my own life to go with them again. About two years later my dad’s company went through a merger and he was let go.  No more yearly conventions in beautiful cities. Captiva is gorgeous, most people know it more as Sanibel Island, which is literally its own island off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. If you grew up in Florida like I have, you will know how gorgeous the beaches are on the Gulf rather than the Atlantic.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean all beaches are amazing, but on the Gulf side, the water is so calm and about ten degrees warmer and much clearer. Which for me can be both good and bad. I will always have a fear of the ocean. Just one of those rational but irrational fears in the back of my mind. But to get back on topic, we spent four days on the island. There were not many busy roads so I explored the island a lot on foot and taking the trolley that was used in town.  I also got to go deep sea fishing with my dad, the first time I had ever been and I have been in love with it ever since.  To relive those four days would be a dream, not only to spend time with my family but to be reminded of the beauty of the island. My inspiration for my book I am writing (slowly) actually came to me after this trip. I began writing it on our last day there and the entire four hour drive back home. Of course with the occasional nap.  😉


Beautiful beaches!
Beautiful beaches!sanibel_webSouth_Seas_Island_Resort,_Captiva_Island,_Florida




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