Blogtember: Day Eight

Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you. (sorry I am a day late!)

Blogging/social media has really impacted my life in many ways, both good and bad. But instead of focusing on the bad aspects of social media, I will talk about the good aspects of blogging! Since beginning my blog, just a short month ago, I have gained more confidence in my writings, and the topics with which I wish to explore. I feel like I am starting to connect not only with other people in the world who enjoy reading my blog and my life updates, but that I am also starting to connect more with myself. It gives me a few moments to really reflect on what is going on in my life, and what is really important to me. With blogging I have reconnected with my inner self and I hope to continue to find out more ways that I can grow as a person, and as a writer through my blogging!


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