Blogtember: Day Seven

Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn. (I have my days six and seven swapped, oops)

I could write about a lot of instances where my life took a turn, from moving up to North Carolina a little over a month ago, or to the day I met Shane. Seeing as I have already done both to an extent, one moment stands out in my mind. It was in 2011 and it was the day I decided to move on from all of the drama that I was – at the time- involved with and start over. I had just quit my first job at Auntie Anne’s in the mall, too many people knew that I had worked there, two months into my new job at PacSun at a different mall, I wasn’t making enough hours in retail and I could not handle the atmosphere anyways. It just wasn’t my thing. My dramatic turning point was one day after work I planned on going to the chain of restaurants surrounding the mall in hopes of a waitress position. My first stop was Hooters, and needless to say I didn’t need to continue on to the other six places to even apply. I met with the manager for an on the spot interview, and was told to come in the next day for second interview. Well the next day came and I was officially dubbed a Hooters Girl. I was ecstatic! Of course my mom had to be worked up to the fact that her daughter was now a Hooters Girl, which she did after the first month once I got on my own phone plan and was getting tuition reimbursement for school every semester. I loved working there, and the girls were- and still are- always amazing. 

Many people are prejudice when it comes to Hooters, but it really has progressed into a family restaurant over “every-man’s fantasy.” I had my regulars in time, and many of them were families with younger children. I made new friends, my parents didn’t need to worry about me financially, it really was a turning point in my life that I really needed. Not to mention the girls there, which many people don’t realize, some already had degrees, almost all were going to school on a regular basis. It was a family and I never regret working there a day in my life. I miss it a lot at times, working at Hooters made me not only more confident in myself, but be able to take the criticism that I often got whenever someone found out about where I worked. I sure wouldn’t be where I am today without ever working at the Hoots.

(Sorry for the picture quality) My days as a Hooters Girl :)
(Sorry for the picture quality) My days as a Hooters Girl 🙂




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