Time for Change!

So now that I have gotten much better with layouts and such with the blog, I decided on the new official blog name of “No Limits” while also changing the layout in the process! Hopefully this layout will grow on me, because as of right now I don’t not how aesthetically pleasing it is to me. I will also be adding new pages and hope to share not only my own experiences, my thoughts and ideas, but inspire my readers by just being myself. For starters, I chose the name “No Limits” because I have always been told to be one with society, to fit in when all I’ve ever been able to do is stand out. My need to please others has been both an amazing attribute, but a terrible one at that. When it comes to my writings, I never set a limit, I never have wanted to, and this title fits the message I am trying to portray flawlessly. Not only are there no limits when it comes to the possibilities I hope to experience through this blog, but there are no limits to what I am capable of as a person. So without further adieu, I present to you “No Limits” the strength to be you.





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