Blogtember: Day Three

Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

Advice comes in many forms, and is remembered in many different ways, the most influential advice that I will never forget came from my grandpa. I used to hang out with my grandpa, well both of my grandfathers all of the time. But my mother’s father used to take me to the small town bar he loved all the time. Just to make me feel like I fit in, he would get me a pack of the bubble gum chew, some chocolate cigars, and at the bar he would always make sure to get me a bottle of root beer. My grandpa knew that I was his little tomboy, and that I preferred hanging with the guys over the girls. he understood me from the moment I could walk, and when I was three I asked him to stop smoking and he hasn’t touched a cigarette since. But this particular day he brought me to the bar with him as per our usual, I was about eight years old at the time. Sitting there with his buddies, he taught me how to play poker, and to this day I can wipe a table clean. But while he taught me how to play poker, he was giving me a life lesson, and his lesson was that no matter what hand you get, you can always work with it. It might not always be a winning hand, but it all depends on how you handle yourself in the outcome. I will never forget this advice to me, because I have endured life instances where I needed to keep a level head, where I needed to take on some bad circumstances and wait patiently for my winning hand. Just like my grandpa taught me, I was patient after a lot of bad hands had come my way, I worked with what I had, and now my hand just keeps getting better and better. It’s not always a “royal flush” but it never ceases below a straight.

Thanks Grandpa, xoxo



One thought on “Blogtember: Day Three

  1. My Grandpa taught me how to play poker too–those are some good memories you have there, and the story you mentioned about you asking him to stop smoking shows even the influence a small child can have!


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