World War 3

I normally do not get very involved with the politics of today. But as of late I will browse through my news feeds, see articles and videos that completely irk me to the point where I know that I need to have a voice in this. I may not be an influential person in this world, but I am still an American with the opportunity to use my First Amendment rights as I please, and seeing as I still have these rights – for now- I have decided to change this category on my blog to “Life” because in this life humanity has been many things and today I cannot handle the truths behind what is really beginning to happen in this world that many people either choose not to acknowledge or are completely oblivious to. I have been hearing many topics relating to a War being started with Syria….let me rephrase that…in assistance to Syria. As the United States of America we have always seemed to think that everyone else in the world needs our help, that the whole world revolves around us and we are the almighty who is there for everyone. I understand the underlying meanings behind helping out our fellow man, but honestly, why can’t we help ourselves before we decide to get involved in another war? Further decimating our already frail resources, considering we barely have the unemployment problems under control, not to mention the poverty, the hardships, the debt we owe to countless other countries. The way I see it, America is worse off than any other country in this world. Freedom? Slim to none. Our rights? Do we really know the extent of these rights anymore?

If you have any loved ones in the military, or you yourself are in the military, just think about this for a minute. Why are we having to send American soldiers to solve the civil problems of another country once again? I agree, Afghanistan was a much different story, and to this day September 11th will always be a day for all Americans to remember. When we went over seas, we went for the cause of protecting our country, protecting our freedom, and making a stand to show that we are not weak and we will not stand for the terrorism attacks that were conspired against us. America has undergone many terrorist attacks before, but we always stay united and rise up against these travesties. But, why were we in Afghanistan for so long? I know the conspiracy theories, I know the rumors…but the truth of the matter is we stayed and rebuilt their shattered country. That was not a job we were entitled to. You can bash me however you like, say it was needed, but why would we be so stupid to run ourselves so thin by getting involved in another countries civil war while we STILL. mind you, thirteen years later, have men still stationed in Afghanistan. I understand we are “keeping” the peace, but why in God’s good name would we send more troops  to Syria to get involved with their own problems?? To make matters worse we would be on the side of the fight WITH Al Qaeda….a force we have been fighting for YEARS now! I cannot begin to even put my words of disgust into form! Not only the matter of sending our troops, but the fact that we have been sending our U.S. Military weapons to assist them?!? Manufacturing our own designs and arms, and letting these people take them over…being free to copy these designs, use our own weapons against us in the future. I am simply being a realist here, the fact of the matter is war with Syria, will weaken the United States, not only weakening our economy further, but ruining our spirit. We cannot survive on this thread we have been left with after the elections of 2008. Campaigning has already began, and this is my vote: VOTE NO ON WAR WITH SYRIA.

In the words of John F. Kennedy – “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”

“In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” – Winston Churchill


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