Crayon Art

So I am sure many of you have all heard of the crayon art. When I found this pin, and mind you it was one of the first pins I ever found and had attempted. I attempted it to the book on the first canvas I tried, and it turned out to actually work! Mind you, using the hair dryer took FOREVER to get a completed project, but on the second attempt the canvas actually turned out amazingly! Basically the materials needed were, crayons (and you can coordinate the colors however you like) but also no cheap dollar store crayons, unfortunately they do not work as well as regular crayola crayons. In my case we had an entire drawer of already used crayons that were never used anymore! Then you will need a hot glue gun and glue stick, as this holds the crayons in place on the canvas, A canvas (again, any size of your choosing), a hair dryer and A LOT of patience. But with patience, comes a beautiful work of art! It’s the perfect activity if you have younger children as well, and the ideas are endless when it comes to designs. Check out the links below for more ideas! But as for the crayon art, it his an APPROVED pin!


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